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  1. He is saying it is hard to be together remotely, so it is not about Andy but his family that is not physically with him ....he did not complain about Andy at all...but he complained a bit about the apartment that is "nothing special " Very nice interview. Funny to hear him speaking in venitian dialect. I did not know Mara Venier was from Venice. Or is she one of those who claim to be from Venice but then they are not really?
  2. Anche a me e' piaciuto moltissimo. Ti ho anche vista in prima fila molto concentrata
  3. Io non ho mai partecipato e sono stata premiata. In ogni caso prima di criticare il sistema magari sarebbe giusto informarsi su come funziona.... soprattutto non mi sembra giusto offendere le ragazze MFC che lavorano cosi' tanto senza mai chiedere niente in cambio.
  4. Ok I am much better with numbers than words, but I feel that those who were not there deserve some sort of report so here we go. Both concerts were absolutely amazing. Mika was in full form and expressing all sort of emotions. Ida is such an amazing soprano and her voice complemented Mika's so well. She was part of it without taking the scene, although she could have done it several times I actually did not notice Max too much to be honest. The orchestra and the choir were amazing too. Great job to put all together in such few days. I especially loved the first violin. He had one of those Santa Claus faces that just look very friendly, and Mika was joking in several occasions with him. The large choir was especially powerful. I loved them especially during Heroes and Origin. The audience was great and luckily very few interfered with unappropriate screaming and such. The first night a couple behind us started chatting, but me and other fans immediately told them to shut up and luckily they got it The second night I was sitting in the first row towards the right side. It was a great spot. I had Ida in front and could see Mika very well, plus I was surrounded by all the hard core fans...thanks Gabriella and Roberta for this opportunity Especially the second night there was a standing ovation pretty much after every song. I noticed that only Relax did not have a very strong reaction from the audience. Maybe because the slow version, at least in my opinion, is not as effective as the classic one. The setlist was very similar in both nights. He also added an interpretation of his monologue from the Casa Mika show, the one starting with his numbers. It was very nice to see how the orchestra added a musical interpretation to it. I was also impressed by his almost perfect italian and his ability to put so much expressivity also in a foreign language. A very powerful monologue. During the first night for the encore he played Grace Kelly, and the audience was allowed to come closer to the stage and encouraged to sing along. In the second night he asked us to sing Underwater. Mika+orchestra+choir+audience+perfect acoustics =grand finale. Then he asked us to make as much noise as we could and he left. I am sure I forgot so many more meaningful and magical details, but overall the two evenings were just perfect. Both parties (MFC party and new years' eve post-concert party) were a lot of fun, with beautiful people having a good time. Thank you everyone especially the italian fans for such an amazing way of starting 2017.
  5. Yes they do. From Firenze central station to the airport in Bologna
  6. I have one left for the 31st, 59 euros, platea row V.
  7. I have a flight on the 1st at 10AM from Bologna airport and I found a bus from Firenze train station (Santa Maria Novella to the airport) http://www.appenninoshuttle.it/ Cheers Stefania
  8. I have one ticket for the 31st, platea 3, row V, seat 21. PM me if interested. Cheers Stefania
  9. Hi! I have a seat in the back and I would not mind to change it with this one. I send you a PM
  10. I hope to make it. I will land at Malpensa at 12.15. By the way would you know the best way to get from Malpensa to Firenze? See you soon! Stefania
  11. Nice concert. Maybe not my favourite, but Mika's voice was on top form in my opinion. I arrived quite late (8.30) since I was there with my daughter and a friend. There were still some free spots on the far side first row which was ideal for my daughter since the stage was soooooooo high. We catched the very beginning of Xylaroo. I really like those girls, and their voice was very clean and strong yesterday. The venue was gorgeous: a beautiful italian "piazza", where some of the light effects were mapped projected to the buildings. As it was mentioned many times before, Mika has really some skilled light designers working for him. The lighting of each concert of this tour I have seen works extremely well. Mika was speaking quite a lot (too much according to my friend ) and trying to involve also the people watching from the windows of the nearby palaces and from a cafe' on the side of the venue. He mentioned that he was sitting two years ago in the same cafe' with his sister, and never would have tought he would have sang there in two years. He also praised the audience saying they were the ones singing more on tune during this tour, especially the males. Concerning the audience, I had a very annoying lady close to me who kept screaming "I Love you, ti amo, marry me" at every possible occasion. I do not understand what these ladies think they can get by doing this. Of course he will jump from the stage towards them and propose I can hardly justify teenagers, but older ladies???? She was just so annoying. I also hated those that kept chatting during the unplugged version of Happy Ending.....this time it did not work for me as well as other times. It is really chilling in small venues with respectful audiences.....it wasn't this time. The main surprise of the night was likely Kickass. Beside that I also liked Staring at the Sun with lots of baloons thrown to the audience. I had not seen that before and of course it was great fun for my daughter. The other songs (underwater with the light / stars.....lollipop with tapping on the piano...etc...) were pretty much as in the recent concerts of the tour. I still enjoy them though. Too bad it is over for me now.
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