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  1. currently listening to the French disc of TOOL + Grace Kelly in French.
  2. Best thing ever to start reading. kind of like Sherlock Holmes in Japan. but Sherlock's dead in UK. I have the whole set, (of Sherlock and Case Closed [Detective Conan]. )
  3. Yes it was a Pantene commercial! )
  4. thank you for the replies! I hope I learn a lot more! I'll try to do these when I find the resources and the people! I need all the help I can get. Also, I play Mika's music loud here, but only near my house, so it's kind of limited. I can't reproduce it or anything, I'll just have to make do with my albums. D: Most of the people here can't afford it though. (
  5. Hi guys! On behalf of the few Filipinos who love Mika, but can't show it enough, because believe it or not, we don't have much of his albums on sale in our country, nor has he gone here before, I'd like to ask help from you guys how to let my country be aware of MIKA and bring his music here. But I don't know where to get started. Do you have any tips for me if I and some of my friends who are all so crazy about him, get started on how to spread his music here? Can you share some of your experiences on how and when Mika went viral in your country?
  6. Hey dude! I'm from the Philippines as well! Glad to know I'm not the only one. and I'm new. and it sucks na walang album masyado ni Mika sa Pilipinas at kinakailangan pa nating magpadala mula ibang bansa ng kanyang mga tugtugin. Just taking it for granted that you're the only one who'll understand this.
  7. Hi guys! I'm G! (short for Geraldine!) I've been wanting to join this site for weeks now and I've just mustered up my confidence tonight. I'm just saying hello in hopes to find friendly Mika-loving faces in this site! ) First heard of Mika through my friends in college last year, (sadly, should've regretting not having been a fan earlier) and because I was intrigued when I heard his single (Happy Ending to be exact) in one of the commercial advertisements on Philippine TV. and the tune stuck and I searched it on the net, bought the three albums and voila! Je suis ici! ) I hope to interact with you and know more about our common interest in the musical genius we all know and love!
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