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  1. heyyyyoo. here's my blog!
  2. 11 - onze 12 - douze 13 - treize 14 - quatorze 15 - quinze 16 - seize 17 - dix-sept (like 10 +7) 18 - dix-huit 19 - dix-neuf 20 - vingt 21 - vingt et un (like 20 and 1) 30 - trente 40 - quarante 50 - cinquante 60 - soixante 70 - soixante-dix (like 60 + 10) 71 - soixante-onze (60 + 11) 80 - quatre-vingt (4 x 20) 90 - quatre-vingt dix 91 - quatre-vingt onze (90 + 11) 100 - cent 1000 - mille 1000000 - milllion 1000000000 - milliard (not really sure. )
  3. I think you use 'est-ce que' to a question that answers to yes or no. as in, est-ce que vous avez..? (is it that you have..?)
  4. can I be added too? I am learning advanced French right now, so I can be both a student and a teacher? haha. )
  5. hi Micah! since I'm far for anyone who wants to be pen buddies and I can only mail stuff near my place, can I also e-mail people from anywhere in the world, instead of writing to just asian fans?
  6. hi guys! would you mind voting for my entry to the doodle competitions on FB? here's the link and image. THANK YOU FELLOW MFC-ERS. ))))))))) click this to vote for the picture! I'm sorry if I posted this three times though.
  7. hi guys! would you mind voting for my entry to the doodle competitions on FB? here's the link and image. THANK YOU FELLOW MFC-ERS. ))))))))) click this to vote for the picture!
  8. Can I be added as well? and if there's any asian fans out theeeere. that'd be cool, too!
  9. I don't know how to go on a date guys. -___- a class is requiring us to go on blind dates. ugggh.
  10. I though I would've been a "My Interpretation!" most of the description is contradictory though! You Scored as "Relax (Take It Easy)" Sometimes you get over the line, then you find your life full of extremes. You have these days, when no one is around you, and feel lonely, so you try to treat your inner problems yourself. You never rush in a hurry, though you never think too much, you prefer listening to your heart, not mind. And you are the first person whom people want to ask for an advice. "Relax (Take It Easy)" 90% "Billy Brown" 85% "Stuck In The Middle" 85% "Lollipop" 85% "Love Today" 80% "Any Other World" 80% "Grace Kelly" 75% "My Interpretation" 50%
  11. God I'm so jealous! here in the Phils, we're not allowed to take it until we're 18!! ( I want to learn how to driiiveee
  12. the International date line is so cool. -__- I just got home from school. (but I only have 2 classes today, Creative Writing & French11, so I don't think this counts. )
  13. this thread is really a lot of help to those who want to hear the music, even when we have no way how! )
  14. I so envy herrr! (well, just because of MIKA, but in every other aspect, no. huhu)
  15. I just subscribed to yours! will read in a little while. XD someday, if and when we become famous we'll remember this day! HAHA.
  16. YES! I've been watching most of it from youtube, bought Live Parc des Princes Paris, and each time I feel like, "ONE DAY I AM SO GOING TO BE THERE B*TCHES. JUST WAIT FOR MEEE" haha.
  17. read what? my blog? HAHA. I'm trying to improve its still though. setting up more articles, more pictures I edited, and how to change the freaking fonts. but I have to go now. nice meeting all of you! ))) ~*GOOD VIBES*~
  18. I deleted all my tumblr and other blogs because I couldn't keep them as well! I just made this new one and stick to it no matter what. I posted a love letter for MIKA the other day. (didn't label it because I was too ashamed of myself. hahaha)
  19. yeah, but there's a lot of tough competition in that world. you have to be really good. I just took Psych because it has a wide range of jobs, and income sources. I'd want to go to a MIKA concert before I write. get the creative juices flowing, you know?
  20. I'm a Psychologist major. ) I'm also just 17, and have just started college. ) but I seriously want to be a writer. I'm might just write about all of you guys one time! http://www.doucereve.blogspot.com/
  21. I should be studying for my Psych101 exam right now, but I opened this thread and have become bothered by the posts (plus I have TOOL on full bast). where is the love guys?
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