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  1. The week From monday till sunday we do it one way. Everbody wants to know what happens on the show. Going crazy in the crowd? Cause the screamers are too loud? What about a hidden show? For a secret strangly low. How? Auditons once again? Not a joy for every fan. But all in all, we will see what the coming months will be. From Monday till sunday, we do it one way. We want Mikas music stay. Strange, full of light melody. But while he tickle piano, while he sketch new solo, we need to wait for another week and follow dress code what to wear. strange, orange or so gorgeous
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    Hello UgnÄ—! Greetings from Latvia!
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    Hi! Good introduction!
  4. Yeah hope so!!!!bye and have a nice week too!!!

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    Thank you! :hug:

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    Merci beaucoup, Nicole!:hug:

  7. Maybe on Facebook will be new competitions. Perhaps there is the reason why you didn't win - bigger prize waits for you. Have a nice and positive week!:hug:

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