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  1. auf jeden Fall, wobei ich so auf Köln gehofft habe, egal, endlich
  2. Hi Franzi, welcome, woher kommst du? Freuen uns über deutschen Zuwachs, du bist also auch in Berlin?
  3. Hello, I:m not really new but have not been here for a long time. I had problems with my twitter and instagram acounts as well, have to open new ones. and so I lost my followers from MFC. A few words about me. I am a 52 years old woman from Germany. My name is Frauke which means Littlelady, so I took that nickname. I love animals, espc horses, cats and dogs. I also write books, love music , singing and walking. I am working in my hometowns archive. How I discoverd Mika? I like his music since 2007 but had not made thoughts, better said not the right about the person behind ( so sorry Mika) Also I did not take the chance to see him live as I get it, or to join a fanclub. Dunno how to say in English, in German I would say: Könnte ich mir heute noch für in den Arsch beißen. However, in 2010 I saw him the first time live in Düsseldorf and then all was over. He caught me totally. A few weeks later I became a member of MFC but it took a while til I have more contact with members or could travel to the concerts. Now I have been to some , sadly not as much as other members cause it is difficult to save enough money and I also my health problems are not helpful to realize. But I enjoyed each gig. I hope it will be possible for me again, even I dont know when
  4. I'm looking forward to the publishing of the new songs
  5. Happy Birthday Frauke


    19 round cake decor ideas

  6. Just wanna say, my sister katrin will not be in Paris, she got a job but instead one of my nieces will be with me ,she is very excited
  7. Hi, nice you are here, welcome and enjoy MFC
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