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  1. Littlelady

    Hello de Paris

    herzlich willkommen
  2. Don't like the album version of make you happy, too much computer but the text is great. But I loved the whole album esp, underwater, origin of love, love you when I'm drunk, heroes( sadly underrated) Elle me dit and Tah Dah( would like to know more about the song's background) Celebrate was the last time I saw Mika in a German TV Show
  3. Littlelady

    New album Mika next year 2019

    he never has disappointed me so far and I'm quite sure he will not in the future
  4. welcome and enjoy MFC. My novel character Tico is also influenced by Mika
  5. Littlelady


    hi welcome and enjoy MFC
  6. Littlelady

    Mika collection for sale!

    send you a pm
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    I'm back

    welcome back
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    hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
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    Bonjour de France

    Welcome and enjoy MFC
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    Hello From Turkey!

    Hi welcome and enjoy MFC
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    Hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
  12. Littlelady


    Herzlich willkommen
  13. Littlelady


    hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
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    Hey Everyone! c:

    welcome and enjoy MFC
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    New member

    Hi, welcome and enjoy MFC