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  1. Hi, welcome and enjoy Mfc
  2. hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
  3. Okay, ich weiß, ich habe das bei Fb schonmal geschrieben (geäußert hat sich dazu keiner), aber ich hoffe trotzdem, dass sich zumindest ein paar, auch Ice-cream bei den Radiosendern wünschen, die es anbieten und auch so fleißig streamen und klicken. Obwohl es das Lied 🇩🇪 Medien nicht gibt, läuft es grundsätzlich schon im deutschen Radio, vor allem bei lokalen Sendern. Ansonsten freue ich mich schon auf die Tournee
  4. welcome ,enjoy MFC and believe me, I'm also do not talk much and have had bad experiences in the past but here I found really good friends and we are joing the cncerts together
  5. Hm, the song is hearable and maybe a summerhit but I like ice cream more and I hope it will not forgotten to stream it again and again so it maybe will played as well
  6. ich lebe auch gern im Ruhrpott
  7. would like to meet Mika again , maybe someday. let's wait and see. I watch the Voice on Tv, even this year I have big problems with the streams, mostly they do not work well or not at all. However, I try to watch and enjoy,I also watched Taylor Swift there and was happy she likes Mika and he her. I know she is the most sucessful female singer and maybe a wonderful person, ( cannot judge it) but I'm no fan of her music, but that is not important. I read that many wish a collab between her and Mika and maybe a duet would sound great but I disagree with the idea,.Why? It's nothing against Taylor. She needs no Mika, she is famous everywhere and in my opinion a duet would not help Mika to get more attention for himself and HIS Music. It would be simiular to popular, with Ariana Grande,( even it is his song) The vid got much views but for MIka did not change anything, he is always the one who played with.. and I think , it would not be different with Taylor and he should be loved from more by HIMSELF. To come back to Voice, I hope that one of his eqipe will win but I have my doubts