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  1. welcome, enjoy MFC
  2. Is anyone interested in a ticket for Luxembourg? I I have to gave mne away

  3. Littlelady

    Hi there!

    hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
  4. Littlelady


    welcome, enjoy MFC
  5. In Düsseldorf war min erster Gig 2010, Ingesamt war ich bis jetzt auf 13 Konzerten( Festivals mit gezählt( im Vergleich zu anderen hier ist das nicht viel, aber das ist ja kein Wettkampf. Zuletzt war ich in Paris ( Bercy) und so alles klappt, bin ich auch in Luxemburg und Straßbourg, im Sommer auf Festival in Colmar mal schauen, was noch kommt
  6. Hallo Nina, schön, dass du da bist. Warum wohnen die meisten aktiven deutschen Fans alle in Großraum Bayern und Umgebung und keiner im Ruhrpott? Egal, hauptsache, es finden sich noch ein paar. Ich schreibe auch, aber keine Fanfiction. Kommst du zu einem der Konzerte, der warst du schon mal bei einem?
  7. Hi Nina, welcome and enjoy MFC
  8. hm, most of the fans behaved reasonable by waiting for him,but sadly not all,. For example that crazy woman who jumed at him in te car and started to kiss him. Things ike that can be responsible as well. I don't think that Mika loves his fans less than before and I hope fans will not love him less even there will be no meet and greets. Maybe in future there will be organized , to be paid seldom ones which I could deal with even it would mean 10 euro extra ( Erasure sometimes do it that way), I hate if artists demand much money from their fans for an meet and greet taht also means 30 seconds time for everyone. Or maybe Mikas team will say, the only change tomeet him would be signing sessions. That would be sad for countries like mine where happens nothnig and also would make no sense. So please, dear Mika, take the time you need but please try to find a way for some meet and greets in future