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  1. I got a shipping confirmation earlier today but I'm afraid the parcel comes by post service, and the Italian one is not that good: I'll probably receive it by Christmas 😢
  2. "Corpo di ballo" means "corps de ballet", they are speaking about the dancers' costumes, there'no reference to human body, its anatomy or working 😉
  3. Mika, a "citizen of the world" hosting 2022 Eurovision song contest La repubblica offers an introduction to Mika, divided into specific thematic sections Just for the record, the article says nothing new
  4. You got it right: what he actually says is that talent pairs with discipline. You can still have fun, but you also must understand when it's time to stop partying (drinking, having sex...) and start working. I really can't figure out why they offered such a trivial summary in the magazine Ghosts can be either imaginary creatures and spirits. Given what we know about Mika's life, I think he's referring to the spiritual presence of the beloved persons who "left this world"
  5. Thank You, @dcdeb, for the info, for your help and for your patience
  6. Never been a big fan of Eurovision, but I'm glad he eventually decided to join: it's really a big show, with a huge audience, and it will earn him more fans for sure
  7. I'll go back to the Philarmonie de Paris page and have a look later, I'm supposed to be working ATM
  8. somehow is the keyword I don't know how I got to the subscription page after queuing, I don't know how I selected the seats and where they are exactly, but it's a detail
  9. ok, it's been weird and somehow complicated but I made it. Now I have to realize I have the tickets, arrange the trip and above all keep fingers crossed for all of us that we can actually be there in 4 months
  10. You used to say you are obsessisive, perfectionist, the first one who comes to judge yourself: is it still true? I love imperfection as well, but I can’t soften, I can’t make easier my relationship with talent. After all, you must stand up to external judgements. This is your fourth time at X-Factor: has your judging method changed? After the gigs there’s always someone who says “Great, you never change”. Thank you, but I don’t fall into this trap. I strive to be contradictory, I don’t want o be myself’s mime The whole discussion is about Mika himself, the first question is about being harsh towards himself/his job in order to be prepared to other people's negative comments and to overcome them; the second one is about change meant as growth, evolution, keeping the ability to be true to himself but still knowing that time goes by and that he can't simply repeat his former behaviours or artistic choices. I don't know if this is somehow related to "Ordinary Man" lyrics, I reckon that the comment about singers/actors "staying the same" after a gig or an occasional meeting is often related to their ability to keep a connection with real life and with common people's problems, let's say about being approcheable, but maybe he perceives it as a lack of sensitivity towards his internal strougle to find a way to put his real life into his works.
  11. I also waited the new law before sending the voucher request, hoping in a refund. What I understood is that I'll have my money back only if the gig I bought the tickets for will not be rescheduled within 18 months. I didn't expect a refund right now, but at a certain point I was afraid something could go wrong (or worse, the whole thing is already wrong), cause I didn't even receive a simple confirmation that my request was being processed.
  12. Just received my voucher from Ticketone, almost two months after my request. Anyway, it's a voucher for future events, not a refund
  13. I don't know if you can read it, but it's the best I can do atm. It's an overview on the auditions and the differences between this year's and the previous shows, and there are some quotes from the judges' opinions on a few contestants, but there's nothing really intringuing.
  14. Hello @Kumazzz, Alessandro Cattelan says that the episode will be based on three different time zones: his guests will be Mika (currently based in Athens) and the chef Giorgio Locatelli (based in London), plus Anna (don't know who she is, honestly), and each of them will tell how their lives are going on and how they feel during this peculiar period
  15. Cristiano De Andrè, the son of Fabrizio, who is also a singer, thanks Mika "for your loving speech on my dad and for your performance" https://www.facebook.com/CrisDeAndre/posts/
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