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  1. These collages are a tribute to MIKA and also a gift for all the Mikafans

  2. Yes, all We have to do is pray , but France 2 wasn't the only channel to record the Live, Raidue too, and will telecast the show in Ialy on December . That may explains this . Whatever this show is one of the the best I've ever seen , and MIKA is the best male performer and singer in the world
  3. Hi Everybody, I agree with you, It looks like a best-of of this live . However, it appears on Fnac . com another date of release of "MIKA Loves Paris" , December 9 , and Amazon.fr doesn't change it . Now, I Don't Knwow what to believe
  4. Bonjour et bienvenue parmi nous :wub: /Hello and welcome among us
  5. If I had something to say to MIKA is that I wanted to support him when he was treated PD last year on a concert poster, I know it was hard for him .............. And also talking about his music and the way he writes his songs.
  6. It's so true, MIKA has written this song, "Origin of Love", for Andy but the lyrics of "Elle me dit " aren't available on the booklet, but I believe You're right because of the lyrics of "Emily"
  7. Congratulations for your work and yes, I believe You can add "Hurts"to your list , there's the clip, and the lyrics may refer to homophobic statements and situation and "Elle me dit", there's a double meaning in French with the sentence"t'es défoncé ou t'es gai "
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