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  1. thesadchicken

    Frédéric Longbois

    Thank you very much my friend! ❤️ Lots of hugs to you too
  2. thesadchicken

    Frédéric Longbois

    I love all his performances as well! Every single one. But my favorite is "Je voulais te dire que je t'attends" as well ❤️ I watched that live performance only 6 days after my grandfather died and 5 days after my grandma died. I felt like he was talking about me, about my feelings, about my pain after losing my grandparents. It was at the same time a very big consolation for me. A very big comfort. It was fantastic. Ooooh yes I saw them dancing together!!! That was sooooo cute!!
  3. thesadchicken

    Frédéric Longbois

    I absolutely adored Frédéric, and I was hoping he'd sing with Mika during the finals. Sadly that didn't happen 😭 But at least we got to hear him sing and see him perform all the way up until the semi-finals. He was really fantastic, and I agree with @crazyaboutmika : Frédéric's performances felt a lot like Casa Mika! There was something very pure, and very old-fashioned about the way he performed, making each episode of The Voice a little trip for me - a trip to somewhere far, far away. I say old fashioned, but it was also very modern in a certain way. I just can't wait to see more, and hear more from Frédéric. I loved the way he and Mika seemed to become friends. It was adorable, and really really nice to see. I'm curious to know about you guys: what was your favorite performance that Frédéric did?
  4. thesadchicken

    Tour rumours 2018

    I'm so excited for the June 2nd performance!!!! Gonna buy some marshmellows and popcorn and have fun watching it on TV
  5. @frenchfan84 I'm so sorry to hear about that Deb... I've struggled with the same issues, so I know the feeling. I wish you a quick and swift recovery, my friend, and I love you very much ♥️♥️ Your cover is so soft and sweet! I love this take on One Foot Boy: it's a bit sadder, a bit more melancholic. Very good job!
  6. thesadchicken


    No, sadly he didn't fall for our prank Oh well, at least we tried
  7. thesadchicken


    Wow, I hadn't realized how big it had gotten. And why are people angry? That's ridiculous! But yes, we've ended it now.
  8. thesadchicken


    YEEEEEEEEY!!! (by the way, I missed you!) Yep I think we're already following each other Thanks Yeah it would! He needs a few dance lessons anyway
  9. thesadchicken


    Thank you! And I'm glad you think it's funny It's totally fine, I know that many people aren't into pranks. Thank you very much for your support! Heya! Thanks hehe Oh and yeah, sure, I'll send you my twitter username via PM
  10. thesadchicken


    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well I'm still getting used to the new layout It's been too long since I last logged in, I really missed all of you, and I missed MFC! Okay, so here's what I wanted to tell you: As everyone knows, saturday is April 1st. And April 1st means April's Fools Day! Pranks everywhere! I don't know about you, but I loooove pranking people (as long as it's nice, gentle, and harmless pranks of course.) Some of my friends came up with an idea to prank our Mika Basically, here's what we want to do: we want to spread a (harmless) rumor that Mika will be participating in the french "Dance with the stars" ("Dance avec les stars"). We created a twitter account where we will post about this fake news on April 1st. Then we will all tweet Mika asking him if it's true. He will probably be surprised at first, but when we reveal that it's a prank he will certainly laugh! So if you hear about Mika being on "Dance avec les stars", it's not true. It's just us pranking our dear Meeks If you like the idea and want to praticipate, tweet Mika on April 1st asking him if the rumor is true. /!\ IMPORTANT: Pranks should always be kind and harmless. Hurting other people is WRONG, even if it's a "prank". Pranking should always be fun for everyone involved. Please keep this in mind when pranking people this April's Fools Day. Don't be like Mika, who told his family that his granny had died EDIT: We'll be using the hashtag #MikaDALS (DALS stands for "Danse avec les stars" )
  11. I'm BACK!!!! I finally found my inspiration (and the time to record a cover - university is killing me!) So here it is, my cover of "Love You When I'm Drunk". Hope you guys like it
  12. For Mika's birthday, me and my sister @funkylittlesister did a cover of Elle Me Dit (/!\ turn the volume down, it's a bit too high)
  13. thesadchicken

    LGBT MIKA Songs

    You are absolutely right! I'm going to add Elle Me Dit and Underwater right away! But I'm not sure about Hurts? I know that it's about bullying, but I might have missed the part about mga/sga? And I didn't know about Lollipop! What did he say exactly? I'm very curious! Of course, it's hard to make a complete list, especially since Mika himself is LGBT, so technically every song he writes is LGBT as well. And besides, like you said, song lyrics are very personal and listening to a song is a personal experience, so different people may have different interpretations of songs. But some lyrics are pretty clear (Good Guys, Good Wife, All She Wants, etc.) and the ones that aren't are open for interpretation. The reason why I'm making this list is because Mika's lyrics are extremely important to me, as an LGBT person myself, and I find comfort in the fact that he is not afraid of being himself. Like you said, his music helps lots of people come to terms with their sexuality, accept themselves, or just have the courage to face another day in this cold, homophobic world. I wish there were more people like you in this world
  14. Anne, I copied you and I did a cover of L'amour fait ce qu'il veut Here it is, everyone tell me what you think of it:
  15. thesadchicken

    LGBT MIKA Songs

    As the title suggests, this is a thread for Mika songs that are about mga (multiple gender attraction) or sga (same gender attraction). In other words, LGBT Mika songs. Before starting, I'd just like to say that as a mga person myself, Mika's lyrics are very important to me. Representation in music is extremely important, and I find myself relating to a lot of what Mika sings about. It's also extremely important that Mika isn't afraid to be himself, even in his music. I respect him immensely for that. So yeah, basically what I'd like to say is: thank you Mika for my dreams. You truly are my Good Guy. Alright, now let's get down to business! I'm going to make a list of all LGBT Mika songs, album by album, complete with links and descriptions. Here it goes: Life In Cartoon Motion: Billy Brown: This song is about a married guy who falls in love with another man. Later on in the song we discover that he is bisexual, and very confused. Grace Kelly: While there aren’t any direct mentions of sexuality, this song is very much about people judging MIKA for his flamboyant exterior. He wrote the song about record companies who asked him to change. I'm assuming that part of what they wanted him to change was obviously his mannerisms and style. I think the line “should I bend over just to be put on your shelf” demonstrates this. Stuck In The Middle: MIKA wrote this song about his grandmother, and while he still doesn’t openly mention being gay, there are certain lines that indicate there is something wrong with him in his grandmother’s eyes, a constant source of disagreement between them. I’m thinking of “ours is a family that’s based upon tradition, but with my careless words I tread upon your vision”. Later on in the song he mentions being different from his siblings; “Are five kids better than one who doesn’t lie to become?” I see this as MIKA admitting he is different, but that he won’t lie to please anyone. The Boy Who Knew Too Much: We Are Golden: This one isn’t explicitly about being LGBT but it is definitely about being yourself, unapologetically and freely. The line "we are not what you think we are" gives off very gay vibes. Toy Boy: This song is the story of two young men who are in a relationship, and who are judged by society. It's openly about sga. Blame It On The Girls: MIKA starts the song by speaking of a man who “has looks like books take pages to tell”. I don’t know if MIKA himself ever explained this song, but I have a theory that he might be speaking of himself. The chorus says; “Blame it on the boys who keep hitting on you”. I think that’s pretty clear. Rain: Now I know very well that my explanation is a bit far-fetched, but hear me out - I think Rain is about a same-sex couple who face a problem: one of them is sick of pretending and hiding and wants to come out, while the other still wants to stay closeted. I base my theory on quite a few things. First, the use of the word “ordinary” in the lyrics, several times. “You’re making me more ordinary / This ordinary mind is broken / Trying to be ordinary, was it me who was the fool?” Ordinary here as in straight. You’ll notice that “ordinary” is used in a derogatory way. Also the fact that MIKA says he’s ready for “more than this”, and urges his partner to rethink his position (”you better get back”) Let’s not forget their “broken minds”, and that this is “nothing like the life we wanted”. But the spoken part to me is by far the most revealing: “I’m not angry, don’t know what to do after all the years that I spent you, can’t blame you for the things you said when you used to hide away” Origin Of Love: Emily: Although it's the English version of "Elle Me Dit", it's quite different. The lyrics mention Emily being gay, and that it's okay. Lola: No direct mentions of being mga/sga, but Lola is about a female best friend giving MIKA advice, trying to tell him not to fall in love. MIKA reassures her that he won’t, but it’s not very convincing. Lola is very much the stereotype of the ‘straight friend’ that helps out her male gay best friend. (this is of course a stereotype and it could mean nothing, but it just sounds very gay to me lmao) Elle Me Dit: In MIKA's own words, this song is about the "horrific things a mother can say to her son to get him the f**k out of her house". Part of what she says to him is "t'es défoncé ou t'es gay?" which translates to "are you high or are you gay?". Also she asks him to "be like the other boys, go play ball and be popular", this is pretty revealing too. Underwater: A beautiful love-song, and at one point the lyrics go "flying through a bright blue sky with a space boy high". No Place In Heaven: All She Wants: This one is about a gay man who has problems with his mother, who would prefer him to be straight as to "avoid any spectacle". He even goes as far as marrying a woman to please his mother, but he quickly realizes that his "heart is in peril" and leaves his wife. Good Guys: This song is about the lack of LGBT representation in media, and a heartfelt tribute to MIKA's heroes. The ultime gay anthem, if you ask me. L’amour Fait Ce Qu’il Veut: This is a french song and the title says it all: it literally translates to “love does what it wants”. No comment needed. (oh and i might also mention that ALL the pronouns used in this song to speak of MIKA’s partner are male pronouns) Last Party: A song about Freddie Mercury. No Place In Heaven: A heartbreaking song about MIKA being sga and asking God if this makes him a bad person. “There’s no place in heaven for someone like me”, but then he says “there’s no place in hell”. J’ai Pas Envie: Another french song. Again, the pronouns used are male. Oh Girl You're The Devil: This one is about a girl and a boy who are both LGBT and trying to face society. Good Wife: A gay man is desperately in love with his straight friend, whose wife makes him miserable. The gay man wishes he and his friend could be together. If you guys have any songs to add, or something to point out, please do! Also if you want to discuss a song I'm more than happy to This subject is very important to me. { PS: this article was inspired by this post on tumblr }