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    I am obsessed with Mika.
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  1. Yes, those are great too! But this one is international and the cool thing is that it only costs 1 euro to plant a tree!
  2. No it's not. They're planting trees all around the globe! 🥰
  3. Hey everyone! A friend of mine had an excellent idea to start off the Revelation Tour in an epic way, and I thought I'd post about it here so we MFC members can participate! Here's my friend's message and all the info: I think it's a brilliant idea and a wonderful way to make a change and help our planet! I'm sure Mika will be very proud of us 🥰 Let's show the world Mika fandom power 💪 Have a nice day!
  4. Thank you very much my friend! ❤️ Lots of hugs to you too
  5. I love all his performances as well! Every single one. But my favorite is "Je voulais te dire que je t'attends" as well ❤️ I watched that live performance only 6 days after my grandfather died and 5 days after my grandma died. I felt like he was talking about me, about my feelings, about my pain after losing my grandparents. It was at the same time a very big consolation for me. A very big comfort. It was fantastic. Ooooh yes I saw them dancing together!!! That was sooooo cute!!
  6. I absolutely adored Frédéric, and I was hoping he'd sing with Mika during the finals. Sadly that didn't happen 😭 But at least we got to hear him sing and see him perform all the way up until the semi-finals. He was really fantastic, and I agree with @crazyaboutmika : Frédéric's performances felt a lot like Casa Mika! There was something very pure, and very old-fashioned about the way he performed, making each episode of The Voice a little trip for me - a trip to somewhere far, far away. I say old fashioned, but it was also very modern in a certain way. I just can't wait to see more, and hear more from Frédéric. I loved the way he and Mika seemed to become friends. It was adorable, and really really nice to see. I'm curious to know about you guys: what was your favorite performance that Frédéric did?
  7. I'm so excited for the June 2nd performance!!!! Gonna buy some marshmellows and popcorn and have fun watching it on TV
  8. @frenchfan84 I'm so sorry to hear about that Deb... I've struggled with the same issues, so I know the feeling. I wish you a quick and swift recovery, my friend, and I love you very much ♥️♥️ Your cover is so soft and sweet! I love this take on One Foot Boy: it's a bit sadder, a bit more melancholic. Very good job!
  9. No, sadly he didn't fall for our prank Oh well, at least we tried
  10. Wow, I hadn't realized how big it had gotten. And why are people angry? That's ridiculous! But yes, we've ended it now.
  11. YEEEEEEEEY!!! (by the way, I missed you!) Yep I think we're already following each other Thanks Yeah it would! He needs a few dance lessons anyway
  12. Thank you! And I'm glad you think it's funny It's totally fine, I know that many people aren't into pranks. Thank you very much for your support! Heya! Thanks hehe Oh and yeah, sure, I'll send you my twitter username via PM
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