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  1. OMG! When I read your reviews of how everything went (kinda wrong), I'm not sad anymore I didn't come. No way I would've survived this... I'm happy you all finally got the chance to talk/take a pic/get an autograph with/from Mika!
  2. Thanks for your message! But... that's it for me. I won't be able to come then. I don't want to take the risk to go to Brussels for nothing. If being in the hundred means be at the store at 1PM or worse, 7AM, I'm not able to do that with my bad back. And I'm sure people will go very early. In Switzerland today you had to have your e-mail confirmed, so you knew you were allowed to go, no queuing. *SIGH* next time (dunno when that'll be, tho ) Haha, I imagine people panicking and fighting I'm so sorry for you Everyone who is going, have fun!!!
  3. So happy for you that you're going although I understand you're nervous. I think that because a part of my family lives in Brussels and Antwerp makes me more unaware of the "danger". Yeah, that's what I thought too, they are not gonna check everyone's ID or whatever... and as you say, you could be a student, so no way they can check it. I should be going too then (if my back is kind)
  4. Yes! You should go. I understand you being nervous about it, and I am too, whenever I travel or go to a theatre or whatever. I think it could happen anywhere...and I don't want them to stop me from doing what I like. But still, I understand. Figured out what you gonna do yet? I want to go but a few days ago I read on Twitter (can't remember where or who) that priority would be given to people living in Brussels. I don't want to go for nothing (although I have family there, but not sure they would be willing to come with me, lol) You guys think this is possible?
  5. Thank you for answering. I'll pass on this one then... There will be others
  6. It looked great, wish I could have been there! an't wait to see more pics and vids (especially the EMD one ) and read the reviews
  7. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a ticket for the gig in Rome, in the parterre (centrale if possible) section. Yes, I know, I ask a lot... Still hope someone has a spare one
  8. Hi everyone, I just decided I would like to go to this gig (cause it is seated which is very good for me with my bad back issues), but as I'm veryyyy late to buy a ticket, there are only "bad" seats left. Very far away from the stage Anyone knows this venue and thinks it's worth the travel and cost to go considering the "bad" seats?
  9. I would like to go, but I can't figure out if that tickets are standing or seated... Anyone knows? My italian is inexistant and I think it's standing, right?
  10. Yesss, I like the confetti pics too. Even changed my Twitter banner, lol. Dunno how I managed to get the jump, but I've seen better pics of his jumps. Gonna try to do better next time :-)
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