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  1. In La Presse he said that he will come back in 2020!!! EXCITING!
  2. Omg I’m so jealous! The second night seem better than the first I saw! Don’t take me wrong Mika is always good and generous but he seems more confortable, like he owns Corona theatre! I don’t remember who said that before this gigs he didn't know if he was into Mika like before, but I was in the same mood, and now I just think about the show, watching every single video that fans posted here just to enjoy it once again! Mika seems to be a very special person not just because of his art of music and signing but a really good human being who gives and consider people around him. when he’s coming back??!?!?
  3. Just WOW! She’s so in shock! And Mika so good with her while is singing! I loved that one!
  4. For real? In February? It will be different in a big venue like bell center.... I saw him two times in a small venue, it’s very unique to be like 6 feet of him... I was hoping too be closer to the stage but the friend who was coming with me was thinking I was a little bit crazy wanting to be in the queue one hour before the show... next time I will do like I want... it fascinated me how the crowd is so respectfull between each other and with him. Nobody was trying to jump on him or taking his clothes off like other music star and when he came down of the stage Sunday night everybody let him the space he needs and nobody was pushing each other to be closer. It was very nice! But will it be the same in a larger venue? I don’t usually take standup tickets because I don’t want to be like one on top of each other fighting for my spot, but if the Mika fans are always like that I will think about it! i just want to live it again.... it was so good 😍
  5. You seemed like you went to many gigs recently, am I right? been to only one, Sunday in Montreal, and I’m so in the PMD zone.... I’m listening and watching my few videos and reading everything on the gig review in Montreal.... when he’s coming back!?!?! 😢
  6. Omg! I hesitated to buy tickets for the two concert... I should take it, it was such a good venue for Mika! And now I missing it already! I hope he will come back 🤞🏻
  7. WOW!!!!!!!!! what did you gave to him? What a magical and unique moment! One day I will try to wait and be there to see him!
  8. How was it on Monday? Was it better? Did he went in the crowd?
  9. I have Lollipop but the quality of the video is not that good (it was my friend who was filming at that time and she turn her cell upside down 🤦🏻‍♀️) We did miss a little bit of the beginning but we had a lot of it and it was so good! 😍
  10. I don’t have the set list but he did “Elle me dit”.
  11. That’s mine! i posted Grace Kelly just now it was the best show I saw! It went so fast! Le Corona is the best place for Mika, we are so close of him and I have to say that people are so respectfull, nobody try to jump on him or grab him when he was sitting on the stage his feet in the crowd or when he came down in the crowd for Big Girl. It was magical! I saw him ont his private show last time for Sucré Salé and it was more amazing this time! Let’s hope he will come back before 4 years 🤞🏻
  12. THANK YOU 😍 I got ticket very fast!! I’m so happy 🤩
  13. Thanks! I’m gonna look for ordering de CD if it’s working like that! I hope to have finally good tickets 🤞🏻
  14. He’s coming in Montreal in October and it will be a pre sale, how does it work? I missed it all the time last times.