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  1. i agree with you, there’s something special with his gig that I don’t found with other gig or artist. It’s very special
  2. me neither! I tried and was so surprise that I could do it! Maybe the guy felt sympathy for me 😂 anyway not in the front but 10 row so that’s way better!
  3. Do you want to know something funny? it was the first time that I bought tickets online for a show, because it’s always my boyfriend who does that. so I was at work working and manage with a friend to come take my place while I was online for the tickets sale. My boyfriend was online too so it was the first one to enter to take them. he was in first but the code didn’t work. My turn came and no code to enter WTF!?!?! I took the first one I saw, AA on the parterre, I was like this is first row! Wow! Center first row! i took it! Never enter the code by the way. the confirmation mail when trought later and that’s when my boyfriend said to me that I have the last row! 🤦🏻‍♀️😢 i was so mad at me! i wanted to buy an other pair but it’s to much money! i know it’s a rookie mistake 🤦🏻‍♀️😢 so yesterday I called ticketmaster and I did manage to switch for better one! Who knows we could do that!? 😁 so I cannot be in front row because everything is sold, but I manage to be 10 row in front of where I was before. Im a little bit sad to be so far vit happy to be a little bit closer of where I was in the beginning.
  4. Why there is seats anyway? I saw other shows in europe and it didn't seems to me that there was seat?!?
  5. Didn’t have to put the code. i came back after and it worked. i was so stressed out! it seated places i didn’t think it will be
  6. I know!! I’m in the same situation! I almost get no sleep because I’m too excited
  7. Fingers cross to have ticket! Omg! I think I will not sleep tonight! Haha!
  8. I know! I did try to win ticket but unfortunately it wasn’t my turn.... it seems he will come back in Canadian soil so I’m hoping to be there that’s why I was asking which post is better to follow to know everything on time for the sales and dates concert, I want to be there so bad!
  9. ok! Where I need to be in to know everything about him coming in Canada? I’m looking to find which post is better to be first, not the first one but you know but to not be the last either and be on time for the sales and everything, so im gonna be able to be there! Because last time I heard of it by chance!
  10. same here! but he posts his face with canada on it!!! He will come back I think!
  11. Did anyone won tickets? I'm still waiting to see if i was lucky 🤞