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  1. 10 years waw I votes for Paris but Bruxelles would be great, Lena . Of course if it is London I'd like to go to but seems to me quite impossible
  2. Hello, Who's coming and when do you think you'll be there, I'm so stressfull not to be in the 100. It's impossible to me to go in the morning
  3. Here is a vidd of Staring at the sun (Tant que j'ai le soleil), quality is not really good but it's for the atmosphere . https://youtu.be/8T_q9PEZmK0
  4. If some one can help me to put some pics and vids, thanks
  5. Hello, Here is my report. At first I enjoyed meeting Léna, I hope I 'll see you soon The show was amazing, very colourful. Mika was in a good day ( even if my husband said to me , he thought he was jumping less than at the gig in Forest National in september ) . He started with Big Girl, then not in order Grace Kelly, Happy Ending, Elle me dit, Good Guys, Underwater, ... When he started to sing Staring at the Sun in french , I was searching after him on the scene and what was my surprise , he ran just close to me in the bleachers I couldn't believe it. Later, he was sitting at the piano and tell us the story about how and why he wrote Relax, we all know that, but it was so emotional because we had attacks three months ago here in Belgium , suddenly, I don't know if it is a part of the show or if he really was awkward, he dropped his microphone and he had to sing Relax "A cappella " 'til somebody bring another one. OMG It was a very very very beautiful moment, I appreciated his voice without the band. (I dream of an unplugged gig ) At the end he thanks studio jobs . And ended with Love Today. Everybody was dancing .
  6. Your pics are such a good quality compares to mine , but I was not so close as you were
  7. Hello, I really enjoyed the show, I'll try to post some pics and vids later. It was amazing.
  8. Salut Lena, j'adore ton idée, j'ai une ceinture berbère du genre, on peut s'en inspirer, si besoin on peut se voir . Tu peux me PM.
  9. Hi David, Welcome to the MFC. I'm a belgian fan too. As you, the Forest National date was my first Mika's gig. Maybe we'll meet eachothers in June in Liège. It's a great idea to make a Belgian Fan Club I know someone who is not a MFC member who try to organize a "bubble time" during "Underwater" . Just watch the link below. https://www.facebook.com/events/951057608310170/
  10. Hello, Thanks for the reports and vids in this thread, Amye, Eriko Do we already know when will occur the lives? I would like so much to go there.
  11. The selection was great I discovered and re-discovered some great songs. I loved to hear Mika's comments I really enjoyed the program
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