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  1. His reference to being emotional on planes hits close to home! I always wondered why planes played so many tear jerker movies....so now I know, it's altitude "sickness"
  2. Tristan OLDER He looks like he he just finished school !
  3. Fascinating interview with Joni Mitchell :
  4. Love his version, so glad he has support from BBC! Stripped down and so pure his version. Joni Mitchell should be happy! Thanks a million Eriko for the download links
  5. the La Suite clip of him with the BBC lady: It seems he prepares very last minute for the recording! I suppose that's how he manages his busy time nowadays
  6. I totally agree the arrangement was beautifully done. Mika brought out the raw emotions of the song, George must be very pleased in heaven now:-)
  7. Cooling technology required for his suits No surprise about second season Casamika but it's great news. Can only imagine a more breathtaking series! Very happy for him
  8. Hi Yuko I also saw u in your lovely dress. Now I know why you had that extra bounce of happiness! I was sitting by the aisle on 31st and you walked by a few times:-) Very happy you and Naomika had that special toast with Mika
  9. It's lovely Italians have opened up their hearts to Mika
  10. The hate from those trolls hit me hard and then I recall i was told last year that BBC laid off 1000 jobs last year, hence the anger from those ex-BBC staff that BBC would create a show with Mika (who in their minds is just a has-been pop star). On Facebook it was obvious that the haters could be same person (clue is when they only update their covers on FB). I have always liked his interpretation of Pianoman, only found his hair poofed up too high for my liking
  11. Can't believe 2016 ended on such a happy and high note! Very glad went to both shows. Nice subtle touch to the slight change in sequences on 31st, maybe to keep him on his toes? It was a family vacation and I am so glad that my kids first symphonic experience was in this world class theatre. My kids play the flute, piano and drums. Younger one sings too. So this has definitely inspired them to carry on being in school performances. I think my 10yo finally understands why I love his live performances, she said "He sounds so much better live" and shook her head . They watch many of the current pop stars on Youtube and because their standard is set high by Mika, they are aghast at how many stars use autotune or lip sync. My favourites : Origin of love, Happy ending, Heroes, Stardust.....Thank you Simon le Clerc for the wonderful arrangements!!! It was also great meeting up with the 3 Italians and 1 Korean Mika fans who was part of my Kickstarter group of 10. Been 6 months of angst and stress over whether the concert would happen, where are our seats, gala dinner details....BUT we made it! Grazie mille! 2016 started very well with me winning the UNHCR lucky draw, meeting him in HK...Bercy Paris....Palladium London and Florence. What more can a fan ask for Looking forward to new album is an understatement Cheers to MFC's 10th anniversary and blessing Mika with more good things in his future
  12. Thanks for the lovely report! I recognise you from your beautiful dress. Bless you for the very generous donation! He's incredibly nice and well mannered. Did he stare right into your eyes while talking? HAHA tough to focus when he does that .
  13. SInfonia is currently available on Qatar airlines! But it's shortened to 1 hour.
  14. wish he was a contestant too! he would be hilarious and clever
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