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  1. Oh, well they did put time and effort into making it and money so they have to make some money out of it to pay for the making costs and youtube is their job so they have to make money somehow otherwise they will be homeless and wont make videos and we will be sad but idk
  2. What's wrong with YouTube red? Sorry, I don't really know about it.. what is it?
  4. Going to the Palladium concert today!!!

    1. frenchfan84


      Lucky YOUUUU !!!! Enjoy it ;-)

  5. when your underage for drinking and your going with your mum so you can't meet all of the other Mika fans out there in the UK
  6. OMG yes same! I did watch the video and it is heart melting but as long as you don't share it with other people, I wasn't that guilty when watching it, just because I knew what was coming. I think the phandom just takes 'shipping' to another level. shipping is supposed to be when you think 2 people would look good together (which is what I think) but hardcore phandom shippers try to prove phan is real and it really affected them in 2012.
  7. Basically (apparently), it's this video that Phil filmed saying how he loved Dan. And I know I shouldn't have watched it but I did (it made me cry). He made it to upload 'accidently' on April fools onto youtube. but then he didn't because he thought it would be a bit mean for the fans. Youtube then malfunctioned (I suppose I could say that) and did actually make the private video unprivate so that everyone could see. This was like 2010. It died down pretty quickly as there weren't many people in the phandom. Then in 2012 it went kinda 'viral' again when people posted it on tumblr and there were loads of people in the phandom now. Dan replied to all the comments saying phan wasn't real and phil tried to get every video taken down because of copyright. People say they had a major fall out over this and it put their friendship on the line. Also, everybody in 2012 who wrote anything about phan being real got loads of hate and got bullied online. Heres a really good link I found because I'm not really good at explaining : http://phanswers.tumblr.com/vdayvid
  8. Yeah! I've seen that. And the host was hating on Phil's hair. I remember watching the Weakest Link as a smol fetus.
  9. I don't hardcore ship them but if they were together they would be the cutest couple ever (except Mika and Andy). A lot of people don't ship phan because it puts a lot of pressure on their friendship and stuff, but as long as people don't force it on them they should be ok.
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