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  1. Someone is going to cover Over my shoulder 🥰 I really hope its going to be good 😍 Love this show so much My -sing every song- project may be given a push with all of this 🤪
  2. Here is my take on this awesome dancing beauty. So far my favourite 😍 Mes biens aimés can be translated to a lot of things, literally my loved ones but in most of the time it's an endearing term, a bit like my loves Also that fancy phrase means exactly the same as the others but in an almost never used past tense (called plus que parfait literally translating to more than perfect) which brings a lot of formality and fancy to the phrase (like sometimes when you see fancy english words like thy and when you put -eth at the end of some verbs). Mes biens aimés, nous sommes ici, My dear loved ones We are here Pour partager, ce qui nous lie To share what brings us together A la télé, à la radio on TV , on the radio Vous entendez les mêmes mots You hear the same words (Pour votre santé, Allez y faut bougez ) For your health, come on you have to move mes biens aimés x3 my dear loved ones Pour votre santé, bougez For your own health, Move Bougez Move Sautez bougez x4 vos corps Jump, Move x4 your bodies Sautez bougez x4 vos coeurs Jump, Move x4 your hearts Sautez bougez x4 vos corps Sautez bougez x4 vos coeurs Ils veulent encore que nous bougions They still want us to move Meme presque mort, que nous bougions Even almost dead, that we move Ils eurent souhaité que nous bougiâssions They would have wished us to move Alors mes biens aimés nous bougerons So my dear loved ones, we will move Pre Chorus with Ils veulent encore nous faire bouger They still want to make us move Meme si nos corps sont epuisés Even if our bodies are exhausted Ils ne savent meme pas ce que ca va faire They do not know what's going to happen On bougera jusqu'en enfer We will move until we're in hell Pour votre santé, bougez For your own health, Move Chorus Un jour je me suis retrouvé aux portes du paradis One day I ended in front of Heaven's gates J'ai vu Dieu me faire entré et voilà ce qu'il m'as dit I saw God letting me in and telling me T'es pas là pour te reposé tu l'as fait toute ta vie ! You're not here to rest, You've done that all your life maintenant que t'es tout léger tu resteras pas assis ! Now that you are much lighter You're not just going to sit! Pre Chorus Chorus Please note there might be so grammar or spelling mistakes as I have never been good at writing in my own language part of why I learnt another 🤣
  3. Ticket has been purchased 😍 I can't beleive the amount of concerts i will be able to attend this year 🥰 some you can afford going to all of them or most of them but I normally can't afford any of these 🤣 I do have to say that most tickets are so expensive for this year is there a reason for that ?
  4. I am happy with any song, I just don't have the skills to edit it and musically fill it with wonderful instruments 😁 Is there any way to do a poll with a few song choices and choose our songs like that ?
  5. Helloooooo everyone ! I love the idea of using this thread to get these ideas started ! So ! Here is the idea I have. I have a crazy project to cover all of Mika songs and make duos or covers with other MFC artists, almost like a tiktok stich or a recorded zoom where people would come together from all over the world to cover different songs 😁 From our lovely community we would need musicians, singers, some kind of editing, and a plan to organise all of this magnificent madness 😁 I thought we could have a similar system as we do for the yearbook where we would take it in sections (as in album 1 part 1, album 1 part 2 etc.. ) where I would keep track of what we have covered already and whay we are currently working on, probably have a sub thread per song I guess I know it is a massive idea of a project but I am certain that with all of our great minds we can make it work ! Now I am open to all ideas and suggestions on how we can get started 😁 Lots of love and talk to you soon 🥰 can't wait to read all of your ideas 😁
  6. Got my ticket too, can't wait to see you there and obviously have a fantastic time!
  7. I am so happy to say that after missing both pre sales for London I have finally secured my ticket this morning during the general sale 😁 I will be absolutely delighted to see all of you there ! Can't wait to hear all of your plans and maybe organise a nice meet up before the gig for whoever will be around the day before 😁 Soooooo excited 😍
  8. Love the new picture 😍

  9. @dcdeb those flowers are absolutely gorgeous 😍 so colourful ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you have a restful night and I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow 🥰 @Hero funny enough me and my partner just had the same question 😅
  10. If anyone has friends or if you couldn't get a ticket or would love to come but couldn't until recently , 2 of my friends have left empty spots ! I have 2 tickets available (which i will post on the extra ticket thread if need be)!
  11. My flower crowns are done !!! It is now 1 am and I am getting way too excited right now ! Used willow and fake flowers so I can wear it again, I will prep my paper flowers tomorrow after work, I may also be able to make a small sign, I hope we are allowed signs.... let's hope🤞 seeing all the pictures and videos from the isle of Wight is making me even more impatient 😍
  12. @Hero yep, good luck to you 😆 when do you travel ?
  13. Just to let everyone know, I am likely not going to be with you until at most 7.15pm for our meal, I am looking forward to meeting everyone again but I am working until 6pm Tuesday and I live about 1h away so I will do my best to drive safely but quickly 😅😆 fingers crossed no traffic going in Bristol, most of it should be coming out 🤞 None of my sunday went to plan so I'll be making preparations after work tomorrow 🙃
  14. I would love to only make big ones but it takes so much paper 😅 I thought I would make a few smaller ones to give away and make it a flood of flowers 💐 I will make big ones but that means i can only do 4 or 5
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