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  1. I live in England so I could maybe help but I do have to say that I am no proffessionnal I have a very practical approach though I have learnt very little English at school Actually this fan club taught me more than any teacher to be honest with you, and now I live in England and nobody believes me when I say that I am French. PM me if you've got any questions, I can easily translate things so just ask if you don't get everything I type.... Btw, I'm Deborah
  2. We still don't have any news, we have new music on the way already but still nothing from the book 😭
  3. Anybody has the possibility to get the mika bit cause I can't seem to get it anywhere, not even on canal ...
  4. Hi everybody I was planning on getting tickets for London with the 4 for 1 idea of the pre sale codes but I still end up with 280£ of tickets. Knowing that, are the codes expiring when the regular sale goes on or can we still use them on the regular sale after the 7th ? Also I cannot access any of the French ticket because they are 'not on sale yet'... Anybody has the same trouble ? Nice to see that so many of you have your tickets already can't wait to get mine !
  5. In the video he says that it will begin towards the end of 2018 and that it will continue in 2019... The interview is a very good one though...
  6. Omg guys that really sounds exciting, you have been warned XD "-So you are making an album every 3 years, is the next one in 2018 ? -It's not just about the way to release an album, you are right, every 2 years and a half 3 years... At the moment I'm nearly done with the writing and I'm starting the production. It's good 'cause tells who I am today and mostly the person I'd like to become. But it's over now, I'm 35, we're not kidding anymore! We gotta decide who we are. Exactly, it starts in 2018 and it will continue in 2019." That's really exciting !!!!
  7. That's absolutely amazing ! I shall try and see if I can get a ticket for that ! Rugby final, and Mika show right after ?! Obviously yes !
  8. Hi everyone. It has been a while I haven't been here... I apologise. I have been through (and still going through) a fairly deep state of depression so I hope you'll understand why I haven't been there for so long. But if I am posting something here it is because I found another way for Mika's music -and music in general- to help me get through things. I got myself a guitar. My own acoustique guitar. Started about a few months ago but went through a long period without it. so I apologise for the mistakes. There will be some more -non mika- covers soon because of how things are going and how much this is kind of addictive. SO! Let's talk about things that matters, I present you One foot boy , one and first take. Mistakes and forgetfulness but still ;-) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UG2V7JQoPXT7hJCLrfb8V-36nm4yZkI9/view?usp=sharing Just realising that quality is pretty s**t but doesn't really matter right ? I'm sorry there are very few things that matters for me right now ;-) talk to you guys very soon <3
  9. This song is AWESOME !!! Absolutely AMAZING ! Just a single song on repeat all day long it clearly made my day 💖

  10. This song clearly made my day 😍 Thank you girls for the lyrics 😘😘😘😘
  11. Am I the only one that understands that the first single of his new album is 'it's my house' and is out in a week time ?!
  12. Oooooh my god !!!! Can you feel the next album coming ? In the same period of time as Casa Mika 2 ?! I really like it ! I'm so happy !!!!
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