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  1. Oh I never thought he was disliked...just sadly not very well known. I agree though..play more Mika!!! May I ask you where you bought your Mika tee shirt? I tried to purchase the one on Mikasounds but it is sold out:( I really like the shirt with the "No Place in Heaven" illustration on it.
  2. Wow! That is sad he is known as the one who talks too much. I think he is charming and honest and funny! So some people who watch The Voice in France view him negatively?? I watch The Voice clips on youtube even though I don't speak french just to see Mika:) and I have been introduced to some good content as well! I agree he should try to tour the UK/Canada/USA and remind people why he is so amazing!
  3. Hi everyone:) I was just thinking the other day about how Mika is mostly involved in France and Italy these days. I am from Canada and am a really big fan of Mika...I wish he received the notoriety he deserves. I have never understood why he isn't popular in the U.S. His music is amazing and of course he is very handsome and a lovely person. I am always shocked that not many people here in Canada talk about him or know his music (I am not from Quebec though). I saw a commenter say he should try the USA/UK audience again and I agree! His music is too amazing to go
  4. Hello everyone! I realize that Mika hates his song "Erase". I understand that it sounds much more mainstream for the time than his other songs did. I wanted to know though...when I listen to Erase and especially the chorus piano part, it reminds me of other songs from around 2007. I cannot think of one actual song name though and it is really bothering me! Some people in a fourm a while ago mentioned The Climb being similar but I don't think it has the same atmosphere as Erase (and I really dislike The Climb!). I know a few songs from that time period felt very similar
  5. I didn't mean it was silly if people did try to change their accent....I meant to ask if my question was silly:) Hope I didn't come off as offensive! Thanks for sharing though this is all so interesting to me
  6. Are people in the UK upset by the lack of mobility considering you cannot help which family you are born into or is it something just accepted?
  7. Wow that is something! Do some people in your country try to change their accent to appear more or less posh (depending on what they want to achieve and who they want to fit in with) or is that silly?
  8. Wow. So it seems like "new money" is looked down upon? That is strange considering someone working for their fortune is very admirable vs just inheriting it! In North America (Canada/US) a doctor or a lawyer can be upper class based on their income and be part of the 1%. There can be a middle class doctor or lawyer not making very much money (respectively) but white collar workers can very much be part of the upper class 1%. Think successful plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills etc. So you are saying a successful lawyer immigrant would only be middle class in the UK despite being wealthy?
  9. Thanks for answering! Since you went back to my class point, I have another question if you don't mind answering it. The British class system is very confusing to me. So let's say someone moves to the uk from somewhere such as the US or Canada when they are young with their family. How does that person and their family fit into your class system? Even if they are very wealthy, I heard money doesn't really have anything to do with class (which is not true in North America, money has a lot to do with class). Who your ancestors are has a lot to do with your class. So how would those peopl
  10. Thanks for your reply, that was interesting:) I love the British accent I wish I had one! When brits go to America, people swoon over their accent! When ever I travel to America they just make fun of the way I say about or how they hear it "aboot"....sigh.
  11. That is interesting! Did he ever say why he hates LA?
  12. Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well:) I am new here but I have a question about Mika's Accent. This question is especially for those living in the UK. I am from Canada so I am not too familiar with the accents in the UK, but I know there are a lot. I like learning about accents. I learned that social class has a lot to do with accent with is very strange to me and my Canadian friends! To those from the UK, how would you describe Mika's accent? I hear a little bit of an American accent in his voice. Am I the only one who thinks this? It doesn't sound very much l
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