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  1. Thank you, Kumazz for the video! As for the atmosphere between the judges, it make me thinks of Mika's first two years at the Voice, we they were all a bit mad but the atmosphere seemed so fun! I like it and hope to have the opportunity to watch the show! (I have to make use of my learning of italian!)
  2. Cool topic, there. I've been browsing it for the last few days and I laughed a lot (some of you have very strange minds!) If I remember well, I dreamed about Mika three times: The first one was in 2016 when I became a Mika fan but still hasn't had the chance to attend a gig. I dreamed I was going to a Mika gig. It was in a kind of roman theater (I made this dream just after Mika's gig in Baalbek) and I was very disappointed. I didn't knew any song and most of all, he didn't play Origin of Love, my favorite. At the and of the concert, I was going out when I saw the Crimi
  3. I take the opportunity of confinement to catch up on the Revelation Tour's gigs (I know, I'm very late) and I have two things to say about this one: First, I notice Max was more and more bold in his dancing, notably on Platform Ballerina and sometimes Big Girls. And, now, he is coming down on the floor with Mika! I think that by the end of the tour, he will dance as much as Mika, which should be very funny! On the other hand, I think Mika still has a lot of work to do to loosen up Tim! I also want to talk about Over My Shoulder (a favorite of mine). This interpretation
  4. Thank you for your kind words on my report. I thought it was complete but I realised, this morning I forgot a few things... First, there was two fan happenings. The first was the one with the colored bracelets. Instructions were to light it on at the end of the first song (Ice Cream) which we did. Then, later, on Relax, some fans in the front launched their colored bracelet on stage which made Mika laugh as you can hear in the video. The second happening was during Tiny Love. Some fans on the ground had posters with "I am ***, I was born in ***" on it. Mika didn't particularly reac
  5. Ok, report time. Seems like I will be the first. My report is probably one you had already read a lot on this forum: the report of a first time. I won't go on about my travel from Marseille because you probably don't care but just so you know, I nearly never came to Toulouse and at half past ten; this morning, I was nearly in tears on a sidewalk in Aix-en-Provence. But, then, suddenly, everything got better and even if I arrived way more later than I thought, I finally arrived in Toulouse, more than ready to see Mika. Because of the events of above, I only arrived at 6.
  6. The weather forecast predicts 2 to 7°C and intermittent rain. Don't forget to cover up for the wait!
  7. I know what you feel...I was the one asking the question about Tiny Love's artwork. So, I'm split between: Aaaahh! He read my question so it was a clever question and he liked it! and... I asked a clever question and he refused to answer it... Even if, obviously, I understand his arguments for not explaining his artwork. Makes me think of Stuck in the middle he never really explained (I think), for the same reasons. Well, at least, I tried!
  8. Hello, Make it three with me! It will be a first for me so I'm at the same time a bit stressed and very very excited!
  9. Thank you for your answer. It actually helps me a lot! Indeed, Aix is on a week day but Toulouse is a saturday! But, I'll still follow your advice and will take my ticket as soon as possible. I don't now how Ice Cream is performing in France but Mika is promoting it heavily! He already played three times (twice for televised shows) and will play it again twice (including one televised one) before the end of june only so better be careful. I would love to go to both the shows but I'm not sure my bank acount would agree! Toulouse will already be nice!
  10. Hello everyone, Being a shy person, I don't post often on this forum but I have an important question. I hope I'm in the right thread... So, I'm planning to go see Mika during his tour in France (THREE YEARS I'VE BEEN WAITING THIS!!) but I'm not stil sure of the where since I'm searching for work right now and may move between now and autumn. Since it will the first time for me, I wonder if I should buy tickets now (like today!) because it can sold out quickly or if I can wait until say...september to buy them. My choices would be either Aix-en-Provence or T
  11. Hello, It seems like there is a problem of thread disappearance. The thread about The Voice 6 have disappeared and if I'm not wrong, several threads in The Help with the MFC subject also disappeared. Thank you for your work.
  12. Thank you again to all the people who gave me warm welcomes. For the The Voice threads, I know. Like I said in my intro, I've lurking here for quite some time before registering. And, actually, I find the The Voice thread way less active than in the past years. Maybe the members are getting bored of it. Or, maybe it's because it's only the beginning of the season. Anyway, I am following this thread with attention (like all the threads regarding Mika news) but all the same, thank you for the link! Camus
  13. Thank you everyone for your nice welcomes! It's very heartwarming!
  14. Hello, I just registered on MFC en since I am a obedient girl, I'm coming to say hello. I am a relatively new Mika fan, since about 1 year (already???). Obviously, I already knew about Mika before that (who don't since 2007....) but I wasn't particularly interested in him even if I knew and liked some of his songs. Last year, I heard Boum Boum Boum and I loved this song so I did some research and was surprised to learn it was by Mika (At the time, I thought he only sang in English) and also to learn he was the author of Elle me dit that I quite liked too. But I still wasn't a fan.
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