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  1. I know what you feel...I was the one asking the question about Tiny Love's artwork. So, I'm split between: Aaaahh! He read my question so it was a clever question and he liked it! and... I asked a clever question and he refused to answer it... Even if, obviously, I understand his arguments for not explaining his artwork. Makes me think of Stuck in the middle he never really explained (I think), for the same reasons. Well, at least, I tried!
  2. Hello, Make it three with me! It will be a first for me so I'm at the same time a bit stressed and very very excited!
  3. Thank you for your answer. It actually helps me a lot! Indeed, Aix is on a week day but Toulouse is a saturday! But, I'll still follow your advice and will take my ticket as soon as possible. I don't now how Ice Cream is performing in France but Mika is promoting it heavily! He already played three times (twice for televised shows) and will play it again twice (including one televised one) before the end of june only so better be careful. I would love to go to both the shows but I'm not sure my bank acount would agree! Toulouse will already be nice! Thanks again for your answer! Camus
  4. Hello everyone, Being a shy person, I don't post often on this forum but I have an important question. I hope I'm in the right thread... So, I'm planning to go see Mika during his tour in France (THREE YEARS I'VE BEEN WAITING THIS!!) but I'm not stil sure of the where since I'm searching for work right now and may move between now and autumn. Since it will the first time for me, I wonder if I should buy tickets now (like today!) because it can sold out quickly or if I can wait until say...september to buy them. My choices would be either Aix-en-Provence or Toulouse. Can the experts in gig can answer that question? Thanks in advance for your answer.
  5. Hello, It seems like there is a problem of thread disappearance. The thread about The Voice 6 have disappeared and if I'm not wrong, several threads in The Help with the MFC subject also disappeared. Thank you for your work.
  6. Camus


    Thank you again to all the people who gave me warm welcomes. For the The Voice threads, I know. Like I said in my intro, I've lurking here for quite some time before registering. And, actually, I find the The Voice thread way less active than in the past years. Maybe the members are getting bored of it. Or, maybe it's because it's only the beginning of the season. Anyway, I am following this thread with attention (like all the threads regarding Mika news) but all the same, thank you for the link! Camus
  7. Camus


    Thank you everyone for your nice welcomes! It's very heartwarming!
  8. Hello, I just registered on MFC en since I am a obedient girl, I'm coming to say hello. I am a relatively new Mika fan, since about 1 year (already???). Obviously, I already knew about Mika before that (who don't since 2007....) but I wasn't particularly interested in him even if I knew and liked some of his songs. Last year, I heard Boum Boum Boum and I loved this song so I did some research and was surprised to learn it was by Mika (At the time, I thought he only sang in English) and also to learn he was the author of Elle me dit that I quite liked too. But I still wasn't a fan. That was just before the beginning of The Voice season 5 in France and knowing there was Mika in the jury and just being curious, I decided to watch the 1st episode. That was my end....I falled in love with his personality eccentric and lovable. Then, I decided to learn more about his songs. At first, I loved melodies and rhythms (speaking of that, I have this strange phenomenon where, when I listen a new (or unknown to me) song by Mika, at first, I just kind of like it but the more I listen to it, the more I like it (ex: Origin of Love , Underwater, Over my shoulder, I See You)...weird...). And then, I listened lyrics and discovered their poetry and sensitivity. That when I became a fan. Since then, I have often lurked around here since you seemed to be the most reliable source of info on Mika but never dared to take the step of registering. I think that enough chatting for the moment so I will stop there. Bye Camus PS: Sorry if there is syntax or orthographic errors...I'm not a native and my English is less than perfect.