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  1. Cool topic, there. I've been browsing it for the last few days and I laughed a lot (some of you have very strange minds!) If I remember well, I dreamed about Mika three times: The first one was in 2016 when I became a Mika fan but still hasn't had the chance to attend a gig. I dreamed I was going to a Mika gig. It was in a kind of roman theater (I made this dream just after Mika's gig in Baalbek) and I was very disappointed. I didn't knew any song and most of all, he didn't play Origin of Love, my favorite. At the and of the concert, I was going out when I saw the Criminal Minds team (Reid!😍) doing security. They asked me to replace them as they needed to go on a case and I accepted gladly! END OF MY DREAM. Well, Criminal Minds appart, it was a rather frustrating dream. I think it was born of the high expectations I was putting in Mika's gigs (which would be my first gig ever) and, by consequence, my bir fear of being disappointed. Well, on this point, I don't have fear anymore. I had the chance to be at Mika's gig in Toulouse, the 16th of november 2019 and it was AMAZING! Plus I knew all the songs and HE PLAYED ORIGIN OF LOVE!!. So, It was just a bad dream after all. The second one will be brief. I don't remember much, just that Mika and Andy were there. It may or may not have happened of a theater (a classical one, this time) and they may or may not had given me advices but I'm not sure of anything so I won't say more on this one. The third one happened a few days ago, probably because I was reading this thread and hoped having my own dream about Mika. So, in my dream, he was just at the beginning of his career and so, had just gone famous and rich (that important in the dream). He was searching for his family from which he was separated (don't know when or why) and who lived in poverty. He first found his sister (which didn't looked like any of his sisters). He arrived in an helicopter (In my dream, Mika is a bit bling, apparently!), clothed like a businessman with a golden watch (told you, bling!) and they hugged. Then, they went on a big luxury cruise ship (bling again!). I was also there with my whole family (don't why!).Happened some stuff unrelated to Mika (mostyy, as I'm emetophobic, I feared one of my sister would be seasick). Then, Mika entered a cabin with Yasmine (yes, his sister transformed in Yasmine, don't ask) and on the bed, under the covers, they found their mother in a colored gown. Then, she disappeared like smoke and reappeared in a form, all white like a statue (but alive) and she was wearing her gown and a scarf on her head because she was sick (like in reality, unfortunately!😢). END OF MY DREAM. I won't analyse this dream because I'm pretty sure it doesn't make any sense but I think it was the first time I was confronted to my phobia and my brain lets me continue my dream so I will put that on Mika's power! Globally, I'm very happy of having had this dream! That's all for me! Sorry for the long text. I wish you all wonderful Mika dreams!
  2. I take the opportunity of confinement to catch up on the Revelation Tour's gigs (I know, I'm very late) and I have two things to say about this one: First, I notice Max was more and more bold in his dancing, notably on Platform Ballerina and sometimes Big Girls. And, now, he is coming down on the floor with Mika! I think that by the end of the tour, he will dance as much as Mika, which should be very funny! On the other hand, I think Mika still has a lot of work to do to loosen up Tim! I also want to talk about Over My Shoulder (a favorite of mine). This interpretation was magical. I listened it three times and each time, I had to close my eyes to just listen their voices. Yes, their...Because, obviously, Mika was marvelous but can we talk of Max's backing vocals? He sings higher than Mika, which I thought impossible on OMS (at least for a man)! And, as a result the harmonies are divine! Plus, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it the first time Mika sang it with another man? Now, you must think I'm all over Max. Not at all (don't worry Mika!). It's just a few things I noticed aft hours of watching Mika gigs vidéos and I wanted to share it!
  3. Thank you for your kind words on my report. I thought it was complete but I realised, this morning I forgot a few things... First, there was two fan happenings. The first was the one with the colored bracelets. Instructions were to light it on at the end of the first song (Ice Cream) which we did. Then, later, on Relax, some fans in the front launched their colored bracelet on stage which made Mika laugh as you can hear in the video. The second happening was during Tiny Love. Some fans on the ground had posters with "I am ***, I was born in ***" on it. Mika didn't particularly reacted on it but the view must have been beautiful from the stage. Three other little things happened: First, during Elle me dit, a fan called Satana or Saitana? sended a letter on stage. Mika only read the first two lines which was something like: "My name is Satana (Saitana), I'm twenty something (don't remember the exact age, sorry) but I am already tired." Mika commented on it by saying: If you're already tired at twenty something, you'll see at thirty-six!" and then used it in his attempt at make us believe he was too tired to dance. I also forgot that when Mika struggled to get a fan her phone back, after one or two minutes of Mika struggling, a men took the phone ton give it back to the fan. Mika, at first called him a gentleman then began to complain: "Where were you in the last two minutes while I was struggling?". Of the third thing, I am not sure since I didn't see anything but at the beginning of a song (don't remember which one), Mika must have done something very sexy because some fans in the front screamed very loudly. Anyone to confirm? Thank you also Kumazz and Anna for the videos! Thanks to them, I can relive again and again what happened! Yes, the lonely light at the end is Mika, lightening his face in an horror movie mode! I also forgot about that! Thanks for remembering me! Je suis désolée, je ne peux pas vraiment te donner de réponse précise car je n'y suis pas allée mais il me semble (pas sure) qu'il y en avait une dans le hall principal du Zénith. I'm sorry, I can't give you much details about it since I didn't go there but I think (not sure) there was one in the main hall of the Zénith.
  4. Ok, report time. Seems like I will be the first. My report is probably one you had already read a lot on this forum: the report of a first time. I won't go on about my travel from Marseille because you probably don't care but just so you know, I nearly never came to Toulouse and at half past ten; this morning, I was nearly in tears on a sidewalk in Aix-en-Provence. But, then, suddenly, everything got better and even if I arrived way more later than I thought, I finally arrived in Toulouse, more than ready to see Mika. Because of the events of above, I only arrived at 6.30 pm. Obviously, the queue was huge and I was persuaded I would be very far from Mika. But I was ready for that. My aim for this first Mika gig (and first gig ever) was not to be on the front but just to enjoy. To my surprise, when I arrived in the concert hall, there was less people than I thought but, in my opinion, i was still way back from Mika. No problem, I find a place and seat. Being shy, I don't speak a lot with people around me but they seem nice. And there, I want to stop to describe them quickly: to my right and lef, two groups of friends (one of teens and one of young adults), in front of me two couples (one hetero and one gay) and behind me a mother and her daughter. I found it so representative of the diversity of Mika's public that I wanted to share it. Also, who was this girl with a multicolored bag who distributed colored bracelet in the back a bit after 7.00 pm? You seemed too much in your mission (and I was too shy) so I didn't dare to ask you if you were part of the MFC. But thank you for the bracelet and happy to have meet you, even if so briefly! Back to to the story. After one hour of wait, at 8.00 pm straight, the opening act began. It was a DJ (I don't remember his name, sorry. Nickrill or something like that). i don't know a lot about DJs but he did his best to warm us up and did a pretty good job at it. His set lasted 22 minutes and then back to waiting for Mika, this time! Then, I have to talk about two things that happened during the wait. First, a technician came to sweep the floor, I think (I wasn't near enough to see what he was doing). But, when he appeared, he was acclaimed as if he was the star of the night. And, then among the musics that were playing during our wait, suddenly came "Emmenez-moi" from Charles Aznavour. And, suddenly, everyone was singing, knowing pretty much every word of the song (me included obviously). But, at that moment, I couldn't help thinking that because of this two events, Mika must have thought of us as mad oldies.🧓👴. Must have been surprised when arriving on stage to see only a regular audience... Now, the main event: Mika! I have only one (unoriginal) word: MAGICAL!! Just before the beginning of Mika's discourse about the origin of Earth and of the Meeks, some people screamed on the back. We thought maybe Mika was there but saw nothing. Explanation from those in the back? After the intro, Mika came on stage (cue lot of screams) and sang Ice Cream and then Dear Jalousy (with the explanation about him being a jealous bastard and all). That when I realised that with the protruding stage, he was only some ten meters away from me at a time and, sometimes, I could see him rather well (and he is even more beautiful in reality!) Then came my favourite song: Origin of Love (with explanations too and a reference of pink being also Toulouse's color. Toulouse, city of desire?). I thought I would cry when hearing it since I dreamed so dearly to hear Mika singing it live. But, to my surprise, I just enjoyed it very very deeply. Followed Platform Ballerina, a great live song, very dancy and uplifting! And then , another moment of surprise. I knew Mika would come in the public at the next son: Big Girl and I was hoping a bit he would come near me since I was more in the front than a I thought. Well, he didn't pass just near me but I saw him only a few meters away from me ().When he got back on stage, he had strange white glasses that he wore than passed to Max who also wore them (a shout out to Maw, he was on 🔥 tonight!). Mika, then did Relax (I think, my memory is already hazy) and Tiny Love (with an explanation about violet being the color of the scary unknown). Then , came Underwater. At the end of it, we had a magical moment. Spontaneously, the audience lighted their phone like during the Heaven Tour. Mika went with it and called us his stars again (). He said that he liked big zeniths but that the bad side was that he couldn't see those far back (seated in the bleachers. So, he compared them to far away stars, then made them sing with lights on, then made us (on the ground) sing for them, with our back to the scene and finally made us all sing together. It was beautiful and one again, magical. The comic part came when he wanted to give back her phone to the fan he have taken it from. The fan wanted him to throw it but Mika feared breaking it. He talked about Toulouse being a city of rugby but that for his part, the only balloons he was good with was inflatable 4 foot balloons (cue!) When he began , Elle me dit, there was a big uproar in the room. Being the only song (entirely) in french, we sung it at the top of our lungs. Then, he began with Lollipop, and I think that was the moment when he was strike by this trance were he can say anything, a moment he sometimes regret later (from his own saying) but that we love very dearly! He began by trying to play his piano backward, half lying on it (hard to explain but very funny), like Mozart in the Amadeus movie (his explanation, not mine). Took him two times to get Lollipop's melody right in this position. He then seated normally at his piano and said: "I realise that those in front of me only see the piano and my foot" and then added "....and I just realised what those behind me can see. My big ass!" (while shaking his ass, which didn't seem to bother those behind him much!). He then began laughing and said that if his mother was there, she would come on stage and slap him while saying: "I don't care if you are 36, I'll slap you, moron!" (for saying a bad word, I suppose). He finished by adding in a small voice, like he was responding to his mother: "It's not my fault I have a big ass!" (No you don't, Mika!); When he finally began Lollipop (to stop saying more stupid things in his own words), we thought he was done with saying strange things. But then, during a musical interlude in the song, wanting us to sing, he compared us to a chorus of birds, more precisely Cinderella's chorus of birds. He then went on a tangent about how his favourite character in the movie was Gus Gus, the fat mouse who's eating all the wheat (if I remember well, it was corn, Mika!) and the cat and...we couldn't understand anything anymore (and him neither apparently). So, we finished Lollipop as a whole chorus of Cinderella animals, apparently... Mika also sang Tomorrow and Paloma. While singing, "fly, oh fly, Paloma", his piano (and him obviously) went up on a platform. It did happen at other moments in the show but this one was the more beautiful. Happy ending came then. I had always found him singing a capella beautiful but I hard time seeing it as "magical) as described by those who saw it live. That was until I found myself in an entirely silent room (of 11.000 people!!) with only the sound of Mika's voice, without artifice, reasoning in my ears. Yep, it's magical. The rest of the show was composed of Love Today and We are Golden. I won't give details on them, I'm already way too long. After a long and very noisy curtain call, he came back to sing Grace Kelly (with a part in french and a lot of very big inflatable multicolored balloons), Tiny Love (reprise) and Stay High. For that last one, he talked about the life outside making us feel "broken" sometimes and made us promise to Stay hiiiiiiigh! We then sang it for so long I had it in my head for the whole way back to my hotel (not a bad thing!). At the end of the song, a giant heart appeared from inside his piano. Again a Mika magic trick we all love! And then, after some very warm salutations, it was the end, already. I suddenly realised I was very tired, that I had been standing for two hours and an half and that I had screamed way too much (sorry for the ears of those near me!). While going out, I saw a lot of people, a lot of smiles, people singing bits of songs and big inflatable multicolored balloons everywhere (even in the tramway). Now, I can say I have participated in a magical moment on Underwater, been part of the chorus of "little bit of love on Happy Ending, sang like there was no tomorrow "We are not what you think we are!" and jump like there was no tomorrow either on Love Today! On the way back to my hotel, I was constantly holding my colored bracelet in my hand like the only proof it wasn't a beautiful dream of the first time I will go see Mika. That's all for me. Sorry for being so long, I wanted to say everything I remember before beginning to forget. Sorry for the spelling and grammar errors, too. It's too late and now, I will go to bed, dreaming of Mika!
  5. The weather forecast predicts 2 to 7°C and intermittent rain. Don't forget to cover up for the wait!
  6. I know what you feel...I was the one asking the question about Tiny Love's artwork. So, I'm split between: Aaaahh! He read my question so it was a clever question and he liked it! and... I asked a clever question and he refused to answer it... Even if, obviously, I understand his arguments for not explaining his artwork. Makes me think of Stuck in the middle he never really explained (I think), for the same reasons. Well, at least, I tried!
  7. Hello, Make it three with me! It will be a first for me so I'm at the same time a bit stressed and very very excited!
  8. Thank you for your answer. It actually helps me a lot! Indeed, Aix is on a week day but Toulouse is a saturday! But, I'll still follow your advice and will take my ticket as soon as possible. I don't now how Ice Cream is performing in France but Mika is promoting it heavily! He already played three times (twice for televised shows) and will play it again twice (including one televised one) before the end of june only so better be careful. I would love to go to both the shows but I'm not sure my bank acount would agree! Toulouse will already be nice! Thanks again for your answer! Camus
  9. Hello everyone, Being a shy person, I don't post often on this forum but I have an important question. I hope I'm in the right thread... So, I'm planning to go see Mika during his tour in France (THREE YEARS I'VE BEEN WAITING THIS!!) but I'm not stil sure of the where since I'm searching for work right now and may move between now and autumn. Since it will the first time for me, I wonder if I should buy tickets now (like today!) because it can sold out quickly or if I can wait until say...september to buy them. My choices would be either Aix-en-Provence or Toulouse. Can the experts in gig can answer that question? Thanks in advance for your answer.
  10. Hello, It seems like there is a problem of thread disappearance. The thread about The Voice 6 have disappeared and if I'm not wrong, several threads in The Help with the MFC subject also disappeared. Thank you for your work.
  11. Camus


    Thank you again to all the people who gave me warm welcomes. For the The Voice threads, I know. Like I said in my intro, I've lurking here for quite some time before registering. And, actually, I find the The Voice thread way less active than in the past years. Maybe the members are getting bored of it. Or, maybe it's because it's only the beginning of the season. Anyway, I am following this thread with attention (like all the threads regarding Mika news) but all the same, thank you for the link! Camus
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    Thank you everyone for your nice welcomes! It's very heartwarming!
  13. Hello, I just registered on MFC en since I am a obedient girl, I'm coming to say hello. I am a relatively new Mika fan, since about 1 year (already???). Obviously, I already knew about Mika before that (who don't since 2007....) but I wasn't particularly interested in him even if I knew and liked some of his songs. Last year, I heard Boum Boum Boum and I loved this song so I did some research and was surprised to learn it was by Mika (At the time, I thought he only sang in English) and also to learn he was the author of Elle me dit that I quite liked too. But I still wasn't a fan. That was just before the beginning of The Voice season 5 in France and knowing there was Mika in the jury and just being curious, I decided to watch the 1st episode. That was my end....I falled in love with his personality eccentric and lovable. Then, I decided to learn more about his songs. At first, I loved melodies and rhythms (speaking of that, I have this strange phenomenon where, when I listen a new (or unknown to me) song by Mika, at first, I just kind of like it but the more I listen to it, the more I like it (ex: Origin of Love , Underwater, Over my shoulder, I See You)...weird...). And then, I listened lyrics and discovered their poetry and sensitivity. That when I became a fan. Since then, I have often lurked around here since you seemed to be the most reliable source of info on Mika but never dared to take the step of registering. I think that enough chatting for the moment so I will stop there. Bye Camus PS: Sorry if there is syntax or orthographic errors...I'm not a native and my English is less than perfect.