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2022 - Mika @ Toulon Plages, France, 26 August : REPORTS / VIDS / PICS


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mikainstagram story


"Not a bad place to warm up for a show ! " #toulon 🌞🌞





Setlist by @Camus


  1. Lollipop
  2. Origin of Love
  3. Big Girls
  4. Tiny Love
  5. Relax
  6. Ice Cream
  7. Boum Boum Boum
  8. Yo-yo
  9. Underwater
  10. Happy Ending
  11. Elle Me Dit
  12. Grace Kelly
  13. We are Golden
  14. Encore: Love Today


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Hello, Hello,


Back from the Toulon gig. Unfortunately, since I was with people (like my aunt) who were anxious about the crowd, i saw the concert from the balcony of a appartement. I'm not saying it didn't have its advantages but since the stage was turned toward the sea, I only could see Mika when he was on the far right (left for you in the crowd) of the stage and in the middle of the catwalk and see well what he was doing when it was my turn to have the binoculars. i couldn't either hear very well what he said so my report will be short (compared to what i usually do).


The setlist was, I think, pretty much the same as Nîmes'


Origin of Love

Big Girls

Tiny Love


Ice Cream

Boum Boum Boum



Happy Ending

Elle Me Dit

Grace Kelly

We are Golden

Encore: Love Today


Here the few tidbits I have:

During the intro of Big Girls, he did put a flower crown (from the audience?) on his head and dit say that this concert was his last in France until next year (:crybaby:).and obviously dit his crowd singing during the song. At the beginning of Yo-yo, he did play with a green yoyo (from the audience again?).

After that, he began Underwater but interrupted and invited on stage a 11 years old girl to accompany him on piano. I don't know if she played the whole song but Mika brought her on the front of the stage at the end of the song, made a long discourse and made the crowd sing for her, I think? And, yes Mika, when you said that everyone should sing, even those on the far away boat, I dit sing, even if I was a bit alone on the balcony!:sweatdrop:

At the beginning of Elle me dit, he made a long version on the women in pink (his mom), talking of her relation with her own mother?

During Grace Kelly and We are Golden, he wore a very shiny gold vest and from my point of view, with the lights, he was really shining like a distant light!

And finally, during Love Today, he did put on his wooden crown and his flower cape and turn around like whirling dervish (my aunt's words:lmfao:)

After the bowing, he did put on the Yo-Yo remix and danced for a moment on stage before exiting (and yes, I have it stuck in my head again!)


As a general appreciation, my aunt and her friends who were not Mika fans were particularly impressed by his energy on stage. I had a conversation like this with my aunt during the Yo-Yo remix:

My aunt (while looking through the binocular): He looks exhausted!

Me: Well, he dit spend one hour and and an half dancing on stage...

*Mika begins dancing like a madman on Yo-Yo's chorus*

Me: Exhausted, you said? This man is a real dynamo. He never stops!


That's unfortunately all I have to say on this gig. I hope some people will have more details than me and that next year will come very very fast!

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Typos. It's late!
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Posted (edited)





Mika enflamme plus de 14 000 fans au Mourillon


L’artiste international, star de la pop, était en concert hier soir. Un événement gratuit qui a rassemblé des milliers de spectateurs, venus se déhancher sur ses plus grands tubes.

C’était l’événement à ne pas manquer hier soir. Voire de l’été, diront certains. Et pour cause : un artiste international en concert à Toulon, ça n’arrive pas tous les jours ! Encore moins gratuitement. Mais, cette année, à l’occasion du nouvel événement musical de l’été baptisé « Toulon plages », la métropole TPM a sorti le grand jeu en programmant Mika.

Un artiste de renommée internationale qui a attiré plus de 14 000 personnes.

Si le concert a débuté aux alentours de 21 h 30, des milliers de spectateurs étaient déjà massés quelques heures auparavant sur le site, organisé sous forme de fan zone à la quatrième anse du Mourillon.

Un show déjantées.


Fidèle à sa réputation, l’ancien jury de l’émission The Voice, qui a connu le succès dès 2007 avec son premier album Life in Cartoon Motion, a embrasé la scène, enchaînant les tubes et chorégraphies déjantées. Un concert événement pour les Toulonnais et touristes qui se sont déhanchés sur ses plus grands hits Elle me dit, Relax ou encore Grace Kelly. Une véritable bête de scène qui a offert un show à couper le souffle en s’offrant même un bain de foule avec le public. Un moment qui aura marqué la soirée... et les esprits.


:uk: Google translator




Mika ignites more than 14,000 fans at Mourillon


The international artist, pop star, was in concert last night. A free event that brought together thousands of spectators, who came to wiggle their hips to his greatest hits.

It was the event not to be missed last night. Even summer, some would say. And for good reason: an international artist in concert in Toulon, it does not happen every day! Even less for free. But this year, on the occasion of the new summer musical event called "Toulon plage", the TPM metropolis has pulled out all the stops by programming Mika.


An internationally renowned artist who has attracted over 14,000 people.

If the concert started around 9:30 p.m., thousands of spectators had already massed a few hours earlier on the site, organized in the form of a fan zone at the fourth cove of Mourillon.


A crazy show


True to its reputation, the former jury of the show The Voice, which enjoyed success in 2007 with its first album Life in Cartoon Motion, set the stage ablaze, chaining hits and crazy choreographies. An event concert for Toulonnais and tourists who swayed their hips to his greatest hits Elle me dit, Relax or Grace Kelly. A real beast of the stage who offered a breathtaking show by even offering a walkabout with the public. A moment that will have marked the evening... and the spirits.
















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Le 26/08/2022 à 18:08 | Durée : 1:21


Toulon: 16.000 spectateurs attendus ce soir pour le concert gratuit de Mika


Robert Albergucci, directeur de Toulon Métropole événement, était l'invité de BFM Toulon Var ce vendredi. Il s'exprime sur le grand concert gratuit donné par Mika à Toulon.
:uk: Google translator

Toulon: 16,000 spectators expected tonight for Mika's free concert

Robert Albergucci, director of Toulon Métropole event, was the guest of BFM Toulon Var this Friday. He talks about the big free concert given by Mika in Toulon.


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Retour en images sur les concerts #Toulon Plages  Gratuits et ouverts à tous, les #concerts de Toulon Plages ont conclu l'été toulonnais en beauté   2 artistes d'exception   Plus que 15 000 spectateurs  4ème anse du Mourillon









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BFM Toulon


VIDÉO - Toulon: une fillette sur scène avec le chanteur Mika




2 minutes ago, Kumazzz said:

BFM Toulon


VIDÉO - Toulon: 16.000 spectateurs attendus ce soir pour le concert gratuit de Mika



August 26




August 29


VIDÉO - Toulon: une fillette sur scène avec le chanteur Mika






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Toulon’s concert was very special. It was free, but it was spectacular! Beyond all expectations. 😍 As soon as Mika and the band got on stage, a perfect chemistry was created with the audience, there was a lot of energy in the air that turned into pure magic from the beginning to the end. 😍 I really enjoyed the different ending of some songs like Love Today... I love, among other things, the way he has to reinvent himself. And when he brought on stage Myriam, an 11-year-old girl, who played and sang Underwater with him. She was very excited, but he immediately put her at ease. You can see a thousand concerts of Mika, but every concert is unique and amazing. ❤️ While we were in the queue, we saw rehearsals with the musicians and had the opportunity to greet them while they were going to lunch at one of the restaurants on the beach and also Mika on the car after the gig. 😌 After half an hour, while I was having lunch with my friend Bea, we realized that we were in the same restaurant. What an embarrassment! 🙈 But it was nice to see them in everyday life and not only on stage. 😊 

I share some videos and photos:
























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Thank you very much @Kumazzz and @Gabry74 for all this photos and videos. At least, I can see what i missed!:thumb_yello::huglove:

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