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  1. Yes, we can hear him saying something like this. And he looks proud and happy ❤️
  2. Ha ha ha! And if his Royal College of Music is situated right on the opposite side of the street, he has a looooot to say to Kristin Scott Thomas On the photo: on the left Royal College of Music, on the right stairs which used to be a red carpet entrance to the Royal Albert Hall.
  3. Instagram from Restaurant Cinese Mandarin in Milan
  4. IG Story. I missed one. 1932216920125636210_179779999.mp4
  5. Mika IG Stories. Boys have fun! 1932214667104912933_179779999.mp4 1932216285208532843_179779999.mp4 1932216454398587501_179779999.mp4
  6. IG stories from Pierpaolo Piccioli Insta 1931489317282059099_7575582828.mp4 1931501763476563794_7575582828.mp4 1931533006964358204_7575582828.mp4
  7. Pierpaolo Piccioli is nominated to an award for "Designer of the Year". The Fashion Awards 2018 in partnership with Swarovski takes place on Monday 10th December 2018, returning to iconic London venue The Royal Albert Hall.
  8. Pierpaolo Piccioli IG Story 1931459137922632717_7575582828.mp4
  9. IG story 47400868_2931251576900628_7401540523175582527_n.mp4
  10. And again IG Story. Mika and Benedetta Piccioli.
  11. Pierpaolo is a star tonight . I think Mika wouldn't like to glitter more than his friend on the fashion gala.
  12. I think there shoes fit perfectly with his black tuxedo.
  13. IG Story 48223731_333829557438636_7153938981423880280_n.mp4?_nc_ht=instagram.fwaw7-1.fna.fbcdn.n.mp4
  14. IG stories 48281144_587858608345437_8288060833443515264_n.mp4