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  1. 49 minutes ago, mellody said:


    17,99€, also das gibt sich wenig im Vergleich zum IC Bus / Zug. München ist zwar näher dran als Prag, aber auch allgemein teurer. :teehee: Oder vielleicht wars auch noch günstiger vor ein paar Wochen, das kann natürlich auch sein.


    Ich denke nicht, dass die Preise bei Flixbus regionsabhängig sind, die Fahrt muss ja dasselbe kosten, aber ich hab's schon vor einem Monat gebucht, kann also jetzt schon teurer sein... 

    (Btw, ich weiß, dass Flugzeug wieder mal was anderes ist, aber ich bin mehrmals aus München in den Urlaub geflogen weil es trotz der Fahrt dorthin viel billiger war als aus Prag. :naughty:)

  2. 4 minutes ago, mellody said:

    Schau dir mal Zürich an, da gibts die Bahn bzw. Bustickets tatsächlich schon für 19,90€ einfache Strecke. ;)


    Was Zürich betrifft, ich hab für die Rückfahrt ein Flixbus für ca. 20 € gebucht, und dass nach Prag. Nach München muss es noch billiger sein.

    Die Hinfahrt hab ich bei einer anderen Gesellschaft gebucht, da war es ein bisschen teurer, ca. 33 €, aber wie gesagt, München ist nicht so weit entfernt. :original:

  3. 11 minutes ago, crazyaboutmika said:

    Maybe he meant a live CD and DVD in which he sings songs live for the second time only :dunno: It's a shame he didn't sing Sanremo on the second night I would have loved it to be on the live CD DVD. Thankfully MFCers filmed and shared it :bow::group_hug:


    There is also Sinfonia Pop (both live CD and DVD) but I guess it's something different for him because he sings with the symphony orchestra... And he probably already forgot about Live at Sadler's Wells (live CD)? Actually I collect CDs and the only live albums I have (and also the only I care about) are from Mika so it's quite strange that according to him he didn't release any. :naughty:

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  4. 39 minutes ago, sara09 said:

    We use this expression in Italian, don't know if there's a similar one in French. It means having a lot of success when on stage, doing a performance very well. For example, if a concert has a big response from the public, we say that the artist "ate the stage", provoked a huge/positive reaction. So in this case, he would have a big success, if he found the right show to perform in. Could it be what he meant?


    That's exactly how I get it! :thumb_yello:


    (Even though I speak neither Italian nor French and I'm not even a native speaker of English so my opinion is probably irrelevant... :biggrin2:)

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  5. An interesting interview where he speaks about Sanremo and Blue but also some new songs like "Paloma...":



    From, "San Remo" not being about San Remo at all, but being about growing up gay and being a 13-year-old gay walking around the streets of San Remo and feeling incredibly intimidated by every other masculine presence that seems more beautiful, more slim, more heterosexual — just cooler and better than you'd think you could ever be. That's what that song is about. It's not obvious but it's in there.

    To a song like, "Paloma..." It's about my sister and it's about the night that I found her on railings having fallen from the window of the fourth floor of her apartment... And I'm standing barefoot in my boxers. And she's dying on the railing. And I'm looking at her, at that situation... when I started writing about it... there was beauty in the fact that I saw her there in the most grotesque situation... She survived, that's why it's easier to see the beauty in it. Still, doing a process like this and not being Mika was very important. Being Michael Holbrook, this dude who is just writing songs about himself, about his life at the moment, his childhood, the women in his family — and about the fear of some of the future... and putting all of that insecurity into something still attractive, bearable and comforting and that's what the process of writing this record was.


    My favorite song is "Blue," because it is the most romantic song. It challenges your preconceptions. And it plays on so many different levels. Blue is about gender, sexuality. It's about the idea that you're only okay if you're so ####ing upbeat and smiling at everyone all the time. When sometimes, actually, that's the biggest sign that you're ####ed up. And it's a love letter to the people that I love in saying that, from the deepest part of my heart, I will always love that blue in you because within that blue is the deepest color and the deepest version of you... It starts off as one thing and ends up as something completely different. And that kind of pirouette is really what makes me happy as a writer and its fun to sing because you're going on a journey.


    They also mention two songs called "Tomorrow" and "Platform Ballerinas"...


    EDGE: I always have a cherished MIKA song off each album that I play over and over like "Billy Brown," "Blame it on the Girls," etc. On this one I have "Tomorrow" and "Platform Ballerinas." Do you have a favorite?

    (Mika talks about Blue here)


    EDGE: You write in the paradoxes, in the contradictions, in the multiple meanings. One of the things I love so much about "Tomorrow" is I felt it could be about a one night hook up or about two people who've been dating for a while...

    MIKA: Or if you analyze it even closer it could be about a one-night hookup getting back together with someone that you've been with for a very long time but you swore you would never be with again.


    (Ok, it seems that Tomorrow won't be really relatable for me... :naughty:)

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  6. I don't know if it's already on MFC somewhere but he mentioned the music video for Sanremo in this interview:



    "I'm working with a guy called W.I.Z., he's a director for my music videos. He did the "Tiny Love" video and we're doing another video for the song, "San Remo," which is based on homosexuality in the 1960s. All filmed on real film."


    And also:


    "From, "San Remo" not being about San Remo at all, but being about growing up gay and being a 13-year-old gay walking around the streets of San Remo and feeling incredibly intimidated by every other masculine presence that seems more beautiful, more slim, more heterosexual — just cooler and better than you'd think you could ever be. That's what that song is about. It's not obvious but it's in there."

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  7. 7 hours ago, Kumazzz said:

    Do you remember Mika's XL monthly column "POP UP" ?


    It's very similar to the chapter he read here:



    7 hours ago, Kumazzz said:

    Bordighera and the streets of San Remo, were my first experience of Italy.


    We spent our family holidays in Bordighera last year and in San Remo eight years ago so somehow it makes me happy to know Mika has been there with his family too... :biggrin2:

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  8. I have to say the more I listen to the song the more I like it, especially the chorus is really catchy, the verses aren't as remarkable for me so far but I enjoy the dreamy atmosphere... It's so different that it makes me think what other songs are on this album, each of the singles are so unique. This one could be a part of TOOL but Tiny Love didn't sound like that at all. 

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  9. 5 hours ago, Gemz said:

    Do you guys think there will be a deluxe or special edition of this album? Looking at his other albums he always has more than one version with more tracks.

    Yes but I also have the feeling that deluxe editions aren't a thing anymore as unfortunetaly most people only stream their music... Maybe he will do a special edition later, a repack like the special edition of NPIH. 

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  10. 4 minutes ago, ottimistaaccidentale said:

    I hoped for particular references to Sanremo,

    Me too, I've spent a summer holiday in Sanremo with my family a few years ago, so I kind of hoped this song will be inspired by his family holidays there...

  11. 29 minutes ago, Mikasister said:



    It's a bit of  George Gershwin's song




    28 minutes ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:


    This is George Gershwin "Rhapsody in Blue" .




    25 minutes ago, silver said:

    Rhapsody in Blue is a wonderful piece of music


    Oh sorry, I mixed it up, I couldn't recall the name and I came up with a different one... :doh:

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  12. 4 hours ago, Poisonyoulove said:

    I've seen several comments on youtube, people saying they didn't realize they'd been pronouncing his name wrong... they seem to think he's saying "my name is Mika Holbrook" pronounced MY-ka.  :lmfao::dunno:


    I hope once the album is out it will become clear for them... :naughty:

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  13. 2 minutes ago, miknikel said:


    In France, we still don"t hear Tiny Love on the radios. Do you hear it in other contries ?


    Unfortunately the radios here still didn't get over LICM... :naughty: If it's not played in France, then there's just Italy left I'm afraid. :dunno:

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  14. 1 hour ago, Sabine64 said:

    Mika always says he isn´t in the slightest romantic or he is as romantic as a bar stool. I would like to know what he thinks is romantic when he is not....... eating with candle light - not romantic, flowers everywhere - not romantic, sitting in front of a fire place with partner - not romantic, telling the partner how much he is loved in front of hundreds of people - not romantic, writing many love songs for partner - not romantic............ what is being romatic in his eyes????


    37 minutes ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:

    Exactly, Sabine, he is soooo romantic even if he denied it in the past :mfr_lol:

    We have terms "Mikasoon", we can have "nonromaticMika" when he does all those beautiful things :wink2:


    Don't forget that Mika is full of contradictions... :naughty: But I think I know what he means when he says he is not a romantic person, I can even relate a bit. For example when I hear a romantic song like Perfect by Ed Sheeran, it sounds so cheesy to me and I can't stand it (sorry for those who are fans... :sorry:) or when I see a really cheesy gesture in a romantic movie, I wouldn't enjoy such things in real life at all. But on the other hand sometimes I can appreciate things that are kind of romantic. Not sure if I explained it well but I hope you get my idea... :lmfao:

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  15. 18 minutes ago, Paoletta said:

    this video remember me a video of "Last Party" so sweet :thumb_yello:


    A mixture of Last Party and Good Guys, both in my top 3 music videos by Mika (Rain is the third one :naughty:)... :cloud:

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  16. Hi! :bye: Really a nice introduction. Good Guys is also my favourite music video! :cloud: 

    I have the feeling there are quite a lot of MFCers who work with languages (I study Translation Studies too and I'm not the only one here), it seems it's a common thing among Mika fans... :lol3:

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  17. Do you think Tiny Love is the song Mika mentioned some time ago as he said he wrote a song that consists of different parts and he never wrote a song like that before? 

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