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  1. Oh I really loved this concert. And I loved that the whole audience seemed to like it that much and Mika seemd quite happy about it. So good to see! Also I enjoyed it so much to have a concert in English again after years. It's just another connection for the non French speaking people, for me it was absolutely a different feeling than in the French concerts. I'm so happy I didn't miss this concert. Also nice to know that he is aware of the long time he wasn't playing in Germany - 12 years! If Eurovision is really the reason for this new awareness here (or what is?), then what a nice outcome of this Eurovision project. P.S.: Oh and I also loved to hear at least Jane Birkin!
  2. The Tempodrom website says this: "Cloakroom & toilet You can hand in your clothes, such as jackets, at the cloakrooms in the Tempodrom. The cloakrooms and toilets are in the lower level."
  3. Not sure if I counted as maybe or fix canditate, but I'm planning to come. Hope I find you at that place.
  4. I printed one sign and some German flag hearts too already at home and have some blank sheets and edding with me here in the hotel to write another one or two. We could hold them up in the beginning, but then dance and then show them again at the end of the song, Mika might have more possibilities to read that at the end of the song or the beginning of the 2nd anyway?
  5. I also booked close to the venue, but noticed meanwhile that it's quite easy and fast to go through the city by train/underground. At least in zones A+B. So don't worry, the next train station is VERY close to the venue ("Anhalter Bahnhof", S1, S2 (also S25+26)) and from there it's easy to go everywhere. I'm also enjoying a 5-day Berlin trip around this concert🥰 , now also on day two. We are lucky with the weather at the moment, but on Tuesday it could get a little wet, in the afternoon/evening of all times!
  6. Thanks for confirmation, mellody! So I need to adjust my schedule a bit.
  7. Stupid question, but I just forgot: Is this a pure standing concert? I thought I had bought a seating ticket, but after checking now, it doesn't seem so. I just might have imagined that all the time, it's so long ago that I bought this, I can't remember what the categories were.
  8. If reservation for dinner, I personally would prefer 7 pm (or later), because I'll be visiting the city the whole day and probably won't be done with it before 7pm. Or only the bar a little later, like from 8 pm or so... But that's just my situation. Preferences for food... just nothing too special... Pizza is always an easy option for example.
  9. Yes, one message per sheet is definitely easier to organize, that's right. I was just worried that it wouldn't be big enough to read from stage. Therefore the 1 letter/1 sheet idea, which would have been around 40 sheets maybe. But of course not so easy to coordinate, sure. Is it readable in small? I have no idea. But like this everyone has the chance to write their own personal message/greeting on the sheet, that's nice, too. Sure, the fans who are not from Germany won't be interested in that much, no problem, but as a German fan it's something that I would be nice to say.
  10. I want to give something for the cake, too. But I have no paypal indeed. I seem to be the only lonely one who doesn't use it I'll dm you, mellody.
  11. Thank you, mellody, for your long repy! I had the same unsure feeling about the best time, but also wanted to plan my several days Berlin transport ticket according to this... That's why I wanted to ask the more experienced queuers. I had the same in mind, something between 3 or 2 hours before... I had another thought. Just an idea and not sure if it's a stupid one. I thought, could we make signs, the very easy way, big letters printed on paper, one or two letters per sheet, a greeting for Mika, like this: WELCOME BACK and/or WE MISSED YOU or GERMANY MISSED YOU (shortly after the beginning of the concert) and maybe a SEE YOU IN BONN! at the end. But not quite sure if it can be organized. I am not even sure I make it far enough into the front for that (though I hope, but ...). I don't know, I just have that image in my head how it would look and that it would be a sweet greeting maybe... Just wanted to share the thought. If it's not a good idea, that's no problem. I also read that fan action guideline subject and that might be a problem,too, although it would not be so much paper, just some sheets that we could try to smuggle in.
  12. When do you think one should be there on Tuesday for queueing to be quite in the front of standing area?
  13. Just found two articles talking about this KUNSTRASEN announcement. I hope it's allowed to put the links here? https://www.aachener-zeitung.de/kultur/auch-larkin-poe-rival-sons-und-mika-rocken-auf-dem-bonner-kunstrasen/9221898.html --> Translation by Google: "The artificial turf [=KUNSTRASEN] fans can also look forward to a young man who is causing a sensation under the name Mika. Five singles from his first two albums, “Life in Cartoon Motion” and “The Boy Who Knew Too Much,” reached the top 10 of the charts in his adopted home of England, among others. The albums themselves climbed into the top ten all over Europe, including in Germany, and formed the basis for more than 15 million albums sold to date. Timelessly beautiful pop music guarantees an entertaining, challenging evening on Bonn's artificial turf on July 29th." This second one I like, quite a lot quite nice words about Mika. https://www.koelner.de/musik-party/konzerte/kunst-rasen-saison-2024/ --> Translation by Google: "In 2007, the whole of Europe immediately fell in love with the relaxed and curly young man named Mika, as soon as his debut single “Grace Kelly” was released. For a brief moment, one could have mistaken his curious fusion of noble, complex pop music with subtle humor, the grand gestures of a circus performance and a feel for calculated breaks as a coincidence. He countered this initial skepticism in the best possible way: with further fantastic successes. Five singles from his first two albums “Life in Cartoon Motion” and “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” alone reached the top 10 of the charts in his adopted home of England; The albums themselves climbed into the top ten all over Europe, including Germany, and form the basis for more than 15 million albums sold to date. And rightly so, because Michael Holbrook Penniman aka Mika is a passionate wanderer between opposing worlds. Born in Lebanon, he fled the civil war with his family as a baby to start a new life, first in Paris and a few years later in London. Here, too, it wasn't easy for the slight guy with long curls: dyslexia and a learning disability, as well as coming out as bisexual, made him the laughing stock of the class at school. What always remained to him as refuge, meditation and medicine was music; Initially in the serious field of classical music and opera, from 2006 mainly as a self-determined, subtle and clever acting clown between pop, art and thrilling performances. Over the course of his career, Mika created his own world full of dark romanticism amidst the joy and playfulness of colorful alternative pop. He's a Renaissance artist with expansive, ever-compelling ideas whose name has found his way alongside legendary acts like Elton John, Freddie Mercury and Prince. In addition to his always wonderfully original music, Mika also won the hearts of TV audiences across Europe by appearing as a judge on “X Factor Italy” and as a coach on “The Voice France” and by having his own TV variety show “ “Stasera Casa Mika” started, which won the Rose d'Or in 2017." If anything is not allowed to put here, please delete.
  14. Front of Staget tickets are available now! For 62,50€. The other tickets are cheaper now - a woman from Kunstrasen told me that was the problem in the system...
  15. Thank you @Presci1108. And now another question... Is it not possible to buy a print at home ticket? I can't choose that option, it seems. Only standard delivery for 5,90€. Did any of you buy the ticket yet and tried it?
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