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  1. Happy Birthday :flowers2:

    1. EzPz_german_squeezy


      Thank you so much😊

      I‘m a little late but but still thankful😇

  2. EzPz_german_squeezy

    Discord MIKA Server

    Thanks for answering back. I hope that a lot of people check it out and that they will see soon that it is a good alternative application for WhatsApp, Skype etc. and maybe for them who miss the chat function her on MFC. ? Thanks for reading.
  3. EzPz_german_squeezy

    Discord MIKA Server

    Hello, I built a Discord server just for Mika fans.? There you can communicate in real time with other fans via text channel or voice channel.? You have the choice to join between different channels. Discord is available for Pc and iOS/Android, so you can install it on Pc, cellphones and iPad/Tablets.?? If you have questions, you can ask me here or on Discord. I'm always here for help.? This is the discord link, with this code you can join the server? (If you have complications with the link, please inform me and I will send you a New link!) ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://discord.gg/tbWfqEU Greetings, EzPz_german_squeezy❤️ P.S. If you want, you can share the link and invite other Mikafans?
  4. EzPz_german_squeezy

    Bring Mika back to Germany ??

    You're right☺️ but we just did it to show people that we still exist also when it doesn't changed anything that he don't come to Germany, we want to say and show that WE ARE GERMAN MIKAFANS and we don't lose the Hope that he come to Germany. Thinking optimistic ?? Anyway we have to try everything Next year, he will release his new album and then we'll see if this one is getting popular here ❤️ Don't lose The Hope
  5. EzPz_german_squeezy

    Bring Mika back to Germany ??

    Yes sure, some of them already signed in?
  6. EzPz_german_squeezy

    Bring Mika back to Germany ??

    We need some more support from people who would join a mika concert in Germany, I mean there are so many fans of mika who would travel around the world just for seeing Mika and these people we really need?? We have a bit time to find people like that but we need at least 1000 signatures to be able to write some concert agencies in germany??❤️ I really believe that we get that and we appreciate every help❤️ Greetings from ??
  7. EzPz_german_squeezy

    Bring Mika back to Germany ??

    I know, I told her to post it here ?
  8. EzPz_german_squeezy

    Bring Mika back to Germany ??

    Please help the german Mikafans that Mika should come back to Germany. We really appreciate every help from other countries❤️ You can also sign in there if you would go to a concert from Mika in Germany ?? and let us know why you signed it and why he should come back for you? We hope many people will help us to get Mika back to Germany?✌? https://www.change.org/p/mikafans-konzerte-von-mika-in-deutschland?recruiter=728275145&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition
  9. Me and some other other fans from an international Mika fan group on Whatsapp asked each other the meaning of ,, One Foot Boy" but nobody knows the answer maybe some of u guys know the meaning of this song. When u know it please help us to find it out! thanks for reading and when u know the meaning please write back also MIKA!! When he is still alive on this page Greetings EzPz_german_squeezy
  10. EzPz_german_squeezy

    Mika @ Le Zenith in Strasbourg - FRANCE -- 28 May 2016

    Hey I'm a new member of this group and I wanted to know who of you go to which time to the concert? I'm very exited and happy to see Mika my 2nd time