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    i love Mika, not only today!

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    I'm a student :)
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    I love reading, writing, I love music and I love being myself.
    And, I love Mika! <333

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  1. qualsiasi cosa sia urlerò quasi sicuramente. Basta che sia qui in Italia
  2. sono d'accordo! non sarebbe stato per niente male, anzi. Soprattutto perché era un modo di prendersi un po' più di fama tra i giovani soprattutto
  3. sono d'accordo. Non gli danno la giusta importanza ed è molto triste, anche perché per un certo senso ha rappresentato l'Italia varie volte.
  4. I'm very tired today! mikainstagram_20240205_p_3296190598677179928_5_3296190591202991657.thumb.jpg.6d6dfc9c74c4780f8611e2e3610a69a3.jpg

    lucky Mika is there :mikalove:

  5. I'm learning! grazie mille 🥹❤️
  6. A few weeks ago I did the test in class and I talked about Mika. 

    Today I received the grade, not very high and I was sorry, I put a lot of heart into it.

    In any case, today Mika posted some photos on Instagram and that made me happy.

    but I hoped I had done better on that test, I didn't get a failure, true, but I'm sad all the same...:crybaby:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. apocalypsecalypso


      I'm so sorry, I'm learning :tears:

    3. Prisca


      You didn't do anything wrong, it's just that almost nobody sees it, when you write things in your status.

    4. apocalypsecalypso


      I noticed that! I will improve with this site! :blush: 

  7. just finished my streaming session of Mika's various albums. His music gives me so much happiness and emotion, I enter a world full of colors every time. :tears:


  8. This photo is beautiful haha. Thank you!
  9. Ciao a tuttx, sono Chiara e sono un nuovo membro. Ho 16 anni e mezzo (a giugno 17) e amo scrivere, leggere, disegnare, ascoltare la musica e ovviamente amo Mika! Spero di starvi simpatica, xx <3 (lo avevo postato nel posto sbagliato lol 🥹)
  10. oh...I'm so sorry! I did not want to. I just hadn't figured out how to use the site yet...sorry.
  11. you have no idea how much "Je sais que je t'aime" makes me cry... it makes me so emotional... imagine hearing it at a live show!!!

    what a magnificent song :tears:

    1. silver


      I think we are all hoping he will sing it live :pray:

    2. silver
  12. Thanks for help to everyone!!

    It's great to be here! 


  13. Thanks. I'm trying to figure out how to use the site and how to talk to others in the forums! It's not very clear to me yet, but I think I can do it!
  14. 9 reputation points??? despite being new there are already many! 

    thank you so much <3 !! 

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