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  1. Hi @TeeMarie and have fun here in the forum with us bunch of crazy people.
  2. Sì, sono d'accordo. Ogni città potrebbe sopportare un po' di colore. Forse Mika lo farà in un'altra città con altri artisti e dipinti un po' più tardi. E se no, forse ispirerà altre persone a organizzare la stessa cosa in altre città.
  3. But he moves his head like wanting to show us the result of tainting 😁 Well, he is 37 and he already said that he has some grey hairs, maybe he dyed for this reason his hair? It is difficult to find the exact same hair colour that you have naturally.
  4. Hi Andrea and I'm Prisca, nice to meet you. Have fun here in the forum.
  5. Crazy that all that snow melted in some hours. Well, normally there isn't snow in Athens so that seems kind of logical. I hope Mika enjoyed the snow as long it was there.
  6. Yes, same here. Spring temperatures in addition with Sahara sand now. If I wouldn't suffer already enough because of my hayfever without the addition of the sand in the air...
  7. Hi @Renate Nice to meet you. I'm Prisca.
  8. Yes, it's possible that he wanted to do it. Yes, we don't know what was planned. I don't think that he did this to fulfil his contract but I think that it was a good publicity for the show to tell that he will be "live" in the show. Yes, he sang beautifully.
  9. I kind of feel like they had Mika appear for a few seconds so they could claim he was in the episode.
  10. Everyone, don't forget to vote this week as well. https://www.futurpop.com/2021/01/30/fma-2021-quel-est-le-meilleur-duo-ou-groupe-pop-français-votez/
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