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    I don't really have a hobby right now. I loved to swim in the past.

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  1. I failed. But what do I expect? I barely have energy to get out of bed at the moment, how am I supposed to connect with Mika? It was nice to meet you all.
  2. I have been immersed in work for the last few days. Dear Mika, I hope you're well? Is there something you want to share with us? My friends here in the MFC count on me as a Mika whisperer. Can you please share something with us on Instagram?
  3. You must be careful, @Hero. @silver has been here for a while, she will find you wherever you are.
  4. grafik.png.6e7899b1e8ccbc0b8e4383c05a21cf48.png



    Wow, I actually had the most likes on 19 March.


    Thank you everyone. :fangurl:

    1. Starlight


      It's cool, isn't it? :biggrin2:

  5. Happy birthday Sara! :yay::flowers2:

    1. sara09


      Thanks a lot! :D

  6. I just found out that this year I will have my birthday on Good Friday for the third time in my life. :lol3:


    Let's see if I will be a good Catholic and not eat meat on that day. :teehee:


    The last two times I have stuck to it. :yes:  I promise. :lol3:

  7. Today is my name day. Not that it actually has any meaning in my country, but still nice to think that all Priscas in the world have their name day today. :original:

    1. x_adoring_mika_x


      That's great, I didn't know that!:)

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