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  1. Win-win situation: We had free entry and we helped fill the venue and provided the energy.
  2. We got the e-mail from Seetickets: noreply@seeticketsmail.fr The opening of the doors is 6.30pm. The place is La Sucrière, 49-50 Quai de Rimbaud, 69002 Lyon.
  3. If you or your friend doesn't receive an e-mail, I would write to Deb so she can ask Mika's team to clarify what the problem is.
  4. I hope you receive your e-mail soon and everyone else. I received my e-mail 25 minutes ago.
  5. The Southern line (the one that it's still on Google Maps). Well, at 08.30am I didn't have to queue for too long, can't say how it will be later, but this train runs for sure every 15 minutes until the evening.
  6. For people coming from Gatwick and still need a solution: Trains are running every 15 minutes to London Victoria, queue is quite long but you don't need to wait too long and in the train there was plenty of space. I didn't book a coach before because I was worried my flight would be late and now it costs 50 pounds, so I tried the train..
  7. It's written in the first post, first page of this thread how you can participate in the competition. 😊
  8. We had this before, normally it works with and without dot. I guess Deb can confirm that.
  9. Hi Deb, Thank you for the opportunity. ❤️ With other competitions, there it was possible to participate mutually in draws : e.g. x writes y as a guest and y writes x as a guest. Is this also possible here or not because there are 6 tickets? Sorry, just asking, I don't mean to cause any trouble. 😊
  10. :happybday:

    1. Prisca


      Thank you :original:

    2. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Happy birthday Prisca!!!!




    3. Prisca


      Thank you :original:

  11. Happy Birthday!  @prisca 

    P.S. I have seen that you are coming to the concert in Barcelona.  

    If you need anything (hotel information, transfers from the airport to Barcelona, etc.), don't hesitate to tell me.

    The same if someone needs help .

    1. Prisca


      Thank you :original:

    2. Maria Patricia

      Maria Patricia

      You're welcome 

  12. Just saw that this festival isn't on the events list yet.
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