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  1. Yes, you're probably right, it was just not his day/evening.
  2. Maybe Melancholia's fanbase was not strong enough to bit all the other people that normally vote for someone else but voted now for NAIP as only these two were available to vote for?
  3. I also had the impression she didn't hit all notes but wasn't sure if I just thought this because she sang in a really special way (I watched it after I knew that Melancholia were eliminated so I guess I took more attention to their performance). And if I remember it right, Mika also said after their performance something like that not all notes were there where they sould be.
  4. I really hope that there wasn't a mistake and NAIP could only continue because of that. Maybe, where Melancholia live they have a lot of fans so that there it wasn't possible to vote for Melancholia because the system was overloaded?
  5. I also didn't like very much the performance of Melancholia this time and I agree with you that this was not the best song for them. I also agree that they are strong and others should have left the show before them. However, this kind of show has his own rules. I guess Manuel was really frustrated because of Melancholia's elimination like Emma last week after Blue Phelix's elimination (I'm really glad we had the old Emma back this week ). And like Emma he also thinks that is a tactique of Mika to make their performance bad so that his contestant can win, what is of course not true.
  6. I'm shocked that "I Melancolia" were eliminated yesterday evening.
  7. I don't think that NAIP will have the fewest calls after the first round. He is the only one of the participants that does what he does, so I guess that he has his fanbase. I don't think though that he will win X Factor, but I think that he will survive this live. I would be more worry that Vergo has to leave the first round, if he didn't have his song "Bomba". In my opinion, Blue Phelix has to leave in the first round and in the second round Little Pieces of Marmelade or maybe Cmqmartina, but of course these are only speculations.
  8. I think it's good that they can sing their own songs more times, so the public can better memorize it, contestants didn't have this possibilty at the past X factor seasons (they could just sing their songs at the live shows once if I remember it correctly). That will be better for their career afterwards, when they are eliminated soon or in any case I guess.
  9. I see, I guess it's high time that I start using the MFC forum also with my mobile phone and not only my laptop, thanks.
  10. Thank you@mellodyand @dcdebfor the explications. It just my caught my attention because people are using smileys that I don't have, also new members that I don't think that they did the effort to copy them from somewhere else. I don't have almost no static yellow smileys or e.g. food or drink smileys, is that normal? The new ones I have and I like them a lot. Just to be sure, I put here all smileys that I can select from. Can you tell me, if these are all smileys that I should have? Thank you. That's it.
  11. Thanks Cristina, so it seems that I'm not the only one.
  12. Hi everyone, I hope you're all fine. It's not that important but does everybody have all smileys back by now? I still just have the Emoticons2 and the Recently Used ones.
  13. Hallo Sabine, mir geht's gut, ich hoffe dir auch und dass du dich jetzt an die neuen Masken gewöhnen konntest? Die neuen Maßnahmen haben mich bis jetzt nicht stark betroffen, da ich von zu Hause aus arbeite. Ich bin als Übersetzerin tätig und dass viele Kunden Angst vor einem erneuten Lockdown haben, habe ich bereits vor ein paar Wochen gemerkt. Der Höhepunkt war dann vom Mittwoch, 21.10. bis Mittwoch, 28.10., wo ich jede Nacht nur zwischen zwei und vier Stunden geschlafen habe, weil ich sonst mit den Aufträgen nicht fertig geworden wäre. Dabei habe ich noch so viel abgesagt, weil ich ein
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