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  1. Well, "En guete" is dialect and thus has no actual spelling. I guess you can write it however you want.
  2. I have a good 5 minutes left of Mika in this outfit. That means, if you and the others don't get bored of seeing Mika in this outfit, I can show Mika in this outfit every day for about a month. Maybe you should set up a room here? 🤔
  3. Or this typical Swiss music. I know I'm a day late in introducing Swiss music.
  4. I organised a lot of food. So there should have been something left over for you, I hope.
  5. Swiss National Day today. That's why there's a 1st August brunch for everyone (@TinyLove_CJ can have some of it after she has cleaned the windows, she knows what I'm talking about ): I think that should be enough. En Guete! if you don't understand "En Guete", have a look at the video .
  6. Naughty Corner and Mikagasmics are public as well.
  7. That's enough, to NC with you.
  8. I was expecting that comment.
  9. I'm just posting all the possible facial expressions Mika makes, I'm totally innocent.
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