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Hi! I'm new!


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Hi! Im new and basically I just LOVE Mika. I first found Mika sitting in an upstairs bedroom watching tv when i needed to do something else. After that, i kept wishing Grace Kelly would come back on and i was obsessed! Depression pays off... ( : :wink2:


"]"Make it my fault, win the game point the finger place the blame

it does me up and down it doesnt matter now,"[/color][/size


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Hi Sodapop13 and welcome to the MFC forum! :biggrin2::huglove: I hope you enjoy your stay here.


I just love Mika, too and like you, I found out about Mika when I was depressed. :roftl: His music helped get me out of it, though, as I'm sure it did you. :thumb_yello:


Please stick around and feel free to PM me anytime you like.

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