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Mika Around The World - From Argentina!


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HI! I've heard some great songs of Mika. I really enjoy the combination of styles he's achieved. I really hope he'll be known all around the world sooner, because he's been doing such a great job! (Although I'm a little scared of sudden fame...) Anyway, hope he'll continue achieving honours.

I'm from Argentina (I've noticed I'm not the only one... that's sooo great!)and I started hearing about Mika because I could catch a part of the clip "Grace Kelly" that was on TV, and then I started looking for more of his songs, and here I am... writing in this page just to congratulate everybody who's behind his music... and of course, Mika himself (would he EVER read this?)

Apparently, he's finally getting to the top, and there's not going to be a long time until he reaches the top-one rankings of Argentina, and he could be very confident that here people will strongly support him, because he filled an empty space in music, and that's soo welcome here! (I'm seriously considering that he might have signed an agreeement with the Devil to be recognised and loved all over the world...:blink: )


I know that might sound quite delirious but I would enormously like Mika to come to my country some time... is there a remote possibility that he will be doing a tour in this lands?


Please forgive my mistakes in the writing...




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actually I was just thinking how great your english is


I hope Mika could come to Argentina...I mean he`s been to Japan,if Grace Kelly gets him to #1 and he sees that people want him there,he'll probably consider it :biggrin2:

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... and of course, Mika himself (would he EVER read this?)


He doesn't have time to read everything but he does come to the forums, so it's possible he'll read your post!


I hope his music becomes popular in Argentina so you can see him live.


In the meantime enjoy all the stories, pictures and videos on this site. It's the next best thing to being at one of his shows.

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