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Hello ! I'm new in the house !


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Hey !

I'm a frenchie !

I do not remember how I get to know Mika ! But I know that I become crazy about him the first time I've heard his songs ! I went to see him at the fête de la musique ! He was awesome :roftl: !

I've land on this website by chance ... :blush-anim-cl: Ok, ok ! Well ... not really by chance, I was looking for Mika's video and arrived on http://www.mikafrance.com/ where I found the name of this website !

I couldn't find any entrance ticket for his 11/10 concert :no: because of the people who buy tickets in order to sell it back :sneaky2: ! I wanna see him again ! :tears:

He might call me and say "Hey, I've got tickets for ya !" :sweatdrop::roll1:

See you !

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Thanks everyone !!!

Merci à vous tous!!! :roftl:


Je trouve ça super sympa d'être accueillie ainsi dès le début sur un site !!!

I found the fact that on this website we're quickly and pretty well welcomed really cool, fun and lovely !


Vive Mika !!:biggrin2:



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