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^^the stages i'm going through at the moment


someone gets to meet Mika????!!!


Why can't that be MEEEE???!


'cause I live on the other side of the globe, that's why!


AGHHHHH!! I wish Mika were more famous here.


Well, I hope whoever won appreciates it and won't annoy him by asking questions like "May i touch your hair??"




^^(Ignore me, i'm just majorly jealous at the moment)

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so who was the lucky girl :bleh:!!? someone from the mfc i hope :biggrin2: congrats.. lucky u get to meet mika tomorrow



I'm soooo devastated!!


I actually made it through and was waiting on line 4...they asked me the name of the character (I said Billy Brown) and next thing I know I am being told that I 'haven't been successful this time' and they have picked the person on line 2....




It was one of the saddest moments of my life, I would have given my right arm for that... So close yet so far!!


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