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Hi, I'm new here (as you may have guessed) but I have been a fan of Mika's for months.


I first became a fan when, one morning, I was getting ready for class and I see someone on TV who I think is Rider Strong from the TV show Boy Meets World. After closer examination I see it isn't Rider Strong, (my exact words, "that isn't Rider Strong, this guy is much cuter") it is someone named Mika. He was being interviewed on Much Music; it was a standard interview until he mentioned something about his love of tea- right then and there I declared myself a lifelong fan (I love tea, and have a soft spot for fellow tea enthusiast). Recently I found out he is also a fan of one of my favourite singers Japanese artist Shiina Ringo (who I have been a fan of for nearly 2 years now). Needless to say this made me very happy.


I am really excited to be a part of The Mika Fan Club. It seems like a really great place.

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