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i luvluv luke thread!


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ok who here is like soooo in love with MIKA's keyboardist Luke???well i am!!! any1 want to join me???omg! he is sooooo cute!(sorry mika, i still luvluv you too....!) pleez share any comments! personally i love his face and style! i've never heard his voice though!any1 know of an interview where i can here it???i know there are aready luke appreciation threads but i dont just appreciate him!

this is a club! not an appreciation thread!!!!!!!


Luke luvluver


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didnt i say i already knew that??... ohhh.... read my whole post pleez!Lol! well i want to make a list of ppl who think he is hot so ya.... post here! pleez read my whole 1st post pleez!(it has important info about what i know!lol!) just kidding! haha! i just think it's funny when ppl say things i have already said i knew!lol!:biggrin2:

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:mf_rosetinted: i do! this is a list thread!!!!!!!!! i am making a list of ppl who luv him! it's a club!!! ya know!! like mika's fashion designers, mika's rejects, mfc.... well im sorry to flip out but i see the difference! a big difference! once a gain sorry!

peace luvluv and happiness! poor luke.... no one seems to love him!:biggrin2:

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