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doubts about the lyrics


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hi there!

I need some help. I am creating a little brazilian forum about mika and I want to do a thread that shows all the licm lyrics. the problem is that in the cd we don't have the lyrics and I think there is some mistakes in the lyrics a found at the internet.


in "my interpretaion", for example, what does he sings? "I don't need an aliby...________?


in "big girl": no need to fantasize (?) since the words are (what?)


stuck in the middle (that's the one I have more difficult to understand): the correct is "ah ah ah, is there anybody home? who will believe me, won't deceive me, won't try to change me (or try to teach me?)"

and in ths part: "cause you'll never stand (or stop) my fight?

and what does he say after "are five kids better than one"...

and finally that part: this is to ... (I don't understande the rest)


hope some of you can help me. If I find any other doubt I'll ask here.



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here are all of them:http://www.1songlyrics.com/m/mika.html



thanks, purplegrape. but I'm still having some troubles.

I found some mistakes there, mainly at the parts I have doubts, like Big Girl, Stuck in the Middle... and now I have doubts in Love today..." i've been trying for so long"????

I think the correct is "I've been crying for so long"!

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you can find all official lyrics on this page, but lollipop, grace kelly and love today, cause those are inside every version of the cd.



hope this helps.


o.c. mika likes to change the lyrics a little in gigs, so you may have heard some other lines, but it's due to improvisation. :wink2:

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thank you very much!!!

I noticed he changes a little. in my cd, for example, it's "girl in the blue", but I think he sings "girl with the groove".



Freddie, I think avoca just've helped with this link. thanks again!!! ;)




and sorry my bad, bad english.

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