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  1. true. but I just HATE that I have to tolerate you cause I feel I'm better than you pov. it may be a detail, but I think it's a substantial detail I see where you come from and it's reasonable. still, in year 2010 going 2011, I feel acceptance should be granted to everyone.
  2. ROTFL :roftl::roftl: no wonder it sounds so dejavu... and I was even there!! heheheheheheheh *goes and cancel previous posts* thx for having pointed me in the right direction
  3. I KNEW this would have been a looooongly debated topic. couldn't be any different and it's totally to understand. I wish I had his faith... I certaintly agree with several of the things he said, but I strongly detest the word Tolerance: Acceptance is SO much better. sorry, mika
  4. late reply for this too.. sorry

    thx for the kind words about the mika bday gift 2008: appreciated :)

  5. niiiiice interview and pic.. he still looks stunning in pink
  6. I just can see these objects in mika's house.. really cute items, I like them a lot!
  7. hi. autumn colours are the best: I'm a true autumn child. :) I'm not 100% fine yet, but surgery went well. also back to work since monday.

  8. I second allegra's words AAAALLL the way!!
  9. I used to love the pics when the mag first came out. still do. that green shirt brings back SO many memories..
  10. oh, I cannot make it for this gig, sadly. had a month off from work, plus the sickleave.. cannot leave for days from work so soon again , BUT I do plan mika trips as soon as they'll be convenient logistically. and I look forward to meet you too
  11. :shocked: just seen from your sig mika was in vigo, like 50 km away from where i was the same day i was there... n:shocked: NO COMMENT
  12. I got to know her music thanks to cazgirl's suggestion on twitter. and now I really like her songs
  13. a song called "colorblind". it's part of Invictus sdt, which I have seen yesterday. I dunno the group that sings it but it's quite a beautiful song.
  14. lovely!!! I didn't know you had an ID here!!! gosh, I?m so in the back of beyond with everything.. (must catch up) nice to see ya here too! P.S. seb sends his love
  15. grazie per i tuoi auguri

  16. thanks so much, nice of you :)

  17. well, I got the CD, I may enter.. oct. 26th.. damn, a tue.. bad timing as usual.. is this in milano ? (crosses fingers it's not rome, cause that's too far away mid week)
  18. i must claim my prize.. If I can claim one, that is.. not sure I'm creative enought at the moment for entering the competitions (don't even have a videocamera, so the video is out of question ), but good luck to those who enter! I hope the winner is an MFc'er! with the talents we have here, that's not unlike!