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I feel like I've loved him forever, so being a "fan" feels silly. But anyway, here I am, totally in love with my first ever pop star at the age of 26. I can't get over his style, his groove, his energy. It just sends me!


Otherwise, I'm just obsessing a bit about seeing Mika. Ever. How to get from CA to NY on August 10? It would cost $500! It makes me want to stick my thumb out and see how far I could get for free. :) Noooooo, okay bad idea.


Anyway, if anyone has any ideas, throw them my way! Find me on MySpace at myspace.com/chicobrookie





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Hi Brookestock! I'll see it; you are fell in love with Mika! Most of the persons loves mika here! But i'll see you have only post 1 thing.. maybe you can come back, Mikalover ;D Welcome here :biggrin2:

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welcome welcome to the mika fan club.



perhaps you could win the lottery and get to the mika concert...or maybe if you started walking now you would get there just in time? :naughty:

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A big welcome to ya,Brooke!!:thumb_yello:


Well...sooner or later all Mika fans could go to his concerts...I hope the same 4 me..!!!loool!!Well...have a good time here with us!!!:biggrin2:


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