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Vote For Mika On Teen Choice Awards !


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Hey guys I know not many people know but in the USA theres an award show calle teen choice award of music,tv and movies so mika is nominated to Male Break Out Artist




So we need to vote , wouldnt that be awsome , Mikas first award !!!!


for vote you need to register at http://www.fox.com/teenchoice/ballot and then u put ur mail and with that allow you to vote , so guys please common lets vote and made MIKA happy :punk:

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why cant i register??? grrr im trying for weeks :(


You may have to lie about your age, lol. If you've been putting in your real age, then it probably won't accept it since you're not between 13 and 19.


So for everyone under 13 or over 19, lie about your age! :naughty:

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yeah u can only vote one time with ur mai so please lets make this a bigh treadh so everyone votes for Mika :D


He is the last one of the voting I think so you can skip the others and yeah let me know if u can vote or if u have problems , keep rocking !!!


Greetings from Mexico :punk:


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