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A poem for MIKA


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OK I have written a poem about MIKA last night. Creativity struck at 11.00PM


It all started not too long ago

January to be exact

And soon the obsession started

That I knew for a fact


It started when I heard Grace Kelly

I'd hear the very first line

And I'd sprint to the telly

Time after time after time.


This man has fullfilled my life

One day I'll be his seeker

But for now I'll just say

His name is the marvelous MIKA.

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aww thats cute, I'm in the process of doing one too, but I'm at a standstill with it, sometimes it takes me ages to finish a poem cos parts of it just pour out real easy then it's not quite right and then I get :boxed: pfft grr with it lol. I'll post it as soon as it's done though.

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