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VMA Japan Vids


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I've added a few VMA Japan vids on YouTube.


Some of them are new on YouTube so check it out!:thumb_yello:



*Red Carpet performacen- Love Today and Grace Kelly ←new! (I think Love Today was up somewhere before but don't see it on YouTube or VMA website...???)



*Red Carpet Interview with Teppei and Ruri ←new!



*Stage performance of Love Today and Grace Kelly←Love Today is new.



You can see this Grace Kelly in better quality at VMA Japan website below.



*Really short clip- kind of funny at the end when MIKA says to the lollipop girls, "Did you have fun?" and they respond, "Japan!" haha...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tDt_4oKNJc

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Awesome! T4P! I liked him being lost for finding the camera in the beginning. :naughty:


yesss! he looked stup....no...hilarious:biggrin2:

and he looked so "lost in translation" when they said in japanese:roftl:



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