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  1. You too, Kath!

  2. Hey Kath! Late, very late reaction from me :-))

    I came poppin in today because it's Charlotte's birthday and that made me think of mfc. I'm not here much, but I keep in touch with some mfc-ers on facebook.

    I'm fine thanks! Hope you and your family are too :-)

    Hugs xx

  3. was missing the old days and thought I might as well say hi !!!

  4. I was feeling a bit nostalgic today, and I ended up here :-) I will always love Mika, I made a lot of friends on this forum! And you are a friend for life, hunnie :)

  5. It's nice to talk to you here :-)

  6. Ja, ik denk dat wij tweetjes zowat de eerste Belgen waren hier. Maakt ons dat nu Oude Belgen? Fijn om je als vriend op facebook te hebben. Zo kan ik toch nog volgen naar welke optredens je gaat :)

  7. Ik ben hier héél lang niet geweest :-) En ik ben eigenlijk ook niet meer zo into Mika (sorrryyy!), maar toen ik Mika bij Peter zag (en jou zag staan in het publiek!) was ik toch weer zooooo blij en eigenlijk best fier op hem :-) En daarom ben ik effekens terug gekomen. En nu ik ook op facebook zit ga ik je daar ook een vriendschapsverzoekje sturen :-)

  8. Hey there Kath,

    Finally got back to the mfc and now my internet-connetion lets me down :boxed:

    Read about Wendi, must send her a text, miss her very much :shocked:

    Hope all's well with you,

    Love :wub2:


  9. Hey there! Just wanted to tell you I'm back here. Got to see your WAG-vid, hope you win :)

  10. Heya hun, could not believe to see you here :)

    How are you, sweetie?

  11. Hey hun! Send you all my love :)

  12. Hey there :) It's been a while since I last was here, hope you're doing fine :)

  13. Hey Wendy, hun! Told you I would visit you here :)

    Take care, luv!

  14. Thank you for the friend request. Though I'm not here much anymore, it's nice to know I still have friends :)

  15. Hi hun!

    Wow, fancy changes here on the forum :shocked:

    You know I'm not really here, was just curious about you all. :bleh:

    Hope all's well :wub2:

  16. Hi Ela.

    I'm almost never here anymore, but thanks for the request!

  17. Hello, dear oldlings! I had to get back to the MFC for Babs' birthday today, and it would be unforgivable if I didn't say hello to you all. I had a great holiday, been reading a lot, and enjoying my time off, not only from MFC, but from everything computerwise. I came to a point where my computer almost was the most important thing in my life, and I didn't want that to happen. I hope you're all fine too, and I'm sure if something mega-important happens someone will let me know (thank you Wendi!!) Love you all !
  18. Got to go, my back is killing me. I feel like a real oldling tonight. Talk soon, love ya all!
  19. Just found it! Part 1 : he should win that sooooo easily! Part 2 : there are some sexy hotties in there! Hi Laurel, nice vid isn't it? Hello Kelzy, night Kelzy!!
  20. Off course I missed something special. I missed you all. What are you all voting for?
  21. I see Wendi, Silver, Patti.... Hello everybody! I really wanted to stay away from here for a while, just like AMP, but I missed you all too much. How are you all? Did I miss something special?
  22. Good morning, lovely ones! Hi Wendi! Didn't realise the time, so have to go again but wanted to say hi. I may be back this afternoon, not tonight though. I'm going to a Chinese wok-restaurant with friends. Have fun today, oldlings!
  23. I've been in a good mood all my (long! ) life! It's the best mood to be in. The rush scared us, lol!
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