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Hi, y'all!


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Hello, I am from Japan. My Scottish friend told about him, and luckily

I've got a chance to see him on Fuji Rock Festival '07.


He and his band were terrific there. It was beyond and above what we

call a live show! Not to mention beautiful songs, balloons, lollipop girl, and a boy dressed up in lollipop girl outfit, animals, and confetti in the air were eye-pleasing and created a magical atmosphere throughout. Very impressive.


And I finally I got here. Uh, I'm a bit afraid if I misuse English expression.

In that case, please let me know cuz I'm nonnative here.:blush-anim-cl:

Maybe I can teach some Japanese phrases in return.


That's about it... for now.


See you all around:thumb_yello:

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Hey Seama!!!It's so cool that u joined us!You wont believe how many people we have here now!Join the freak club!We're all crazy!This place is WILD!Just jump in and you'll feel at home!I love all my fellow mika huggers!Enjoy it here!PM me!Remember Mercury_Child!I'm sure we can talk about lots of stuff since we both are in complete love with MIKA:wub2: :mf_lustslow::snog::huglove: i love mika!ROCK ON NEWBIE!LATER!And welcome to the club!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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