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any idea what this is?


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If you click the "read more" it says enough:


"There are various acts with the name of Mika:

1. "our" Mika

2. Mika is an electronica act from Vienna / Austria. They release their stuff on Kleinrecords, which is famous for acts like Sofa Surfers, Seelenluft, Bauchklang, ... Mika's musical home cannot be defined clearly. There is no such thing as a clear-cut definition of Mika's musical style. Their music cannot be squeezed into any simple category of short term trends. Simon Nola's and Matthias Kertal's passion consists rather in catching special moments, moods and emotions. They take great care in fusing together diverse musical styles: electronic music somewhere between song and track, between dancing, sitting, standing or lying. All this is spiced up by a nice bit of pop, the wonderful voices and moods of Simon Nola and Lea Sonnek. File under: Electronica with soul.


Official website: http://www.mikaella.org


pretty sure that's the one

3) Mika (Michael Benjamin) is also the name of a Haitian singer born in 1981. He started his career as a solo artist in the 90s. He is the son of the famous Lionel Benjamin. The public got introduced to him, when he won first prize for the song "Nwel trist" (Sad Christmas), a song he wrote for the "Konkou Nwel" organized by Telemax. As a solo artist he went on to release two albums "Vwayaj" in 2000, and "Mika" in 2004. In 2005 he became the lead singer of a new Haiitan konpa group Krezi Mizik. November 2006 saw the release of "Ayiti San Manti", Krezi's debut album.

Official website: http://www.mikabenjamin.com


4) As one of the few reggae Girls in Europe, the Belgian MIKA has been playing the finest roots reggae for several years. She mixes Reggae with Rock and diverses occidental music with a ethnical grec touch."

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