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Hi to all the other Mika fans out there :)

Fiona Reads For You

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I was watching T4 and saw Mika for the first time doing his free concert on there. I fell in love with the music and now cant get enough. Mika is unique and original and we want more, more, more of him :) I have even gotten my partner hooked and he goes around singing Relax all the time and also Billy Brown. I try to think of my fave song but cant as each one is as good as the next. Keep up the good work Mika. We love you :) Toy! Toy! Toy! (not sure I have spelt that right but it sure sounds like its the same thing). Fiona and Ian in Windsor, England.

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HIYA & WELCOME TO MFC FIONA (& Ian !!):biggrin2::welcomeani::flowers2:

I hope you have a great time here ... we are a crazy but lovely bunch !!!

Oh .... & can you please tell me what Toy Toy Toy means ???? Cheers :thumb_yello:


Well I watched Mika being interviewed and at the end of it she said to him good luck and he said no no dont say that... say toy toy toy :) I guess for a true translation of toy toy toy we will have to ask Mika directly :)


Thanks for the welcome x

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