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Italian gigs&after gigs Organization Team


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here the organization plan for all the Italian Mika Tour 19th-20th-22nd october.


For general information about the venues, prices and location PM me or take a look at specific thread.


we're talking about the MFC great meeting

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Nice idea , Im easy , as long as I have lasgane and a glass of wine and great company ill follow:biggrin2:


:lmfao: freddie :naughty:


as for me,well i still have no idea of what i could wear...i mean,i know what i'd like to wear but i also have to consider that then i travel back to bologna by train :blink:

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I'll help you. in september I'm going to Milan for shopping and mett a friend. I'll also meet Mirtilla. would you come with me?


it depends on which day you're going!anyway i'll go shopping this sunday! :biggrin2: :biggrin2: i hope to find something that day

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