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lollipop on aliens in america


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I've never seen that show, but they really played Lollipop? That's awesome news...any publicity for Mika is great in the US!


I went to a record store, and they actually had Mika's CD. AND, quite a few were sold. Prior to this, I had been saying, "where are the Mika CD's," and when I was told that they didn't have them, I would say, "you have got to be kidding. He's the biggest singer/songwriter anywhere now." When they did have several in an obscure place, I would change the location. Also, when I didn't see any and they had some, I bought one. I gave out a lot as gifts. :)

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That's great. I'm so upset with our own country's media for the shameful way they ignored Mika, prior to the release of Happy Endings. I'm so thrilled about him being played in America. It seems that, to the British media, it doesn't matter if a star is a smash all over the world, if they haven't cracked America, the British media don't want to know. I'd love for Mika to get number one in the US. Then maybe, the UK media might invite him on some shows over here! He's on so many shows in every other country. But nothing over here.


Love today, from Marilyn

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