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MFC hearts


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hi i have two MFC hearts i have found they are free to the first two who pm me with their details xxxxxx


got more just cant find them and i am having a christmas clear out xxxx:thumb_yello:



I know it is like a year later( hahahaha) but do you still have any? or a website? hehe :biggrin2:

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There's info on ordering hearts here:




I may have one extra I could send you, but I'd have to take inventory. :biggrin2: I've already promised one to LadyGodiva and don't know if I've got others left.


thank you for the link! and ok thats fine too. just let me know, I could probably if I was going to get one, go to the site, but let me know :biggrin2::wink2::bleh:

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