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  1. brixton 2008b was definately the highlight of my year!! i owe so much thanks to rose saliflor (can never spell your name right) nikibella ( my pic) cassie (not elf) and freddie for getting us drunk and making us walk the whole length of london in search of freddie mercury and liz for wiping my tears away when i got emotional! lovely to meet racha too sorryif i havemissed anyone!!! when ever life is crap i alwayas pull out my photo album and look back at london! its a sure way to mkae me smile again!
  2. thankyou all!! acoustic gig you say ??????????????? tell me more!!! be great to get to one to see you xxx
  3. as its says above woo hoo!! did i miss anything ???????????
  4. i know have been so busy lately!!!! sorry miss you all esp you and niki xxxx

  5. Good thank you emmy, you're not around so much?

  6. just a quick question is HMDYLM on ?? hi all xxx
  7. hello you how are you?

  8. is mika there this year ??????? anyone spotted him??? help!!!!!
  9. your welcome! had a abd week this week i haev coild so have not eaten hardly anything and gained 2 pounds!!!!! nee mind
  10. is that him in the picture!! you make a awesome couple if i do say so myself
  11. you know what the stuid part is.................... i am signing up to do my maths and science again after this !!!!!!! i must be bloody mad:shocked:
  12. my disstertaion is looking at do nurse's on an acute ward setting recognise assess and implement spiritual crae to patients or is it left until a patietn is taking their final breaths! i did not give up !!juts putting my references in got to do the ref . list front page and done!! i would like to say thank to uni for being so understabding i thought te hand in date was tomorrow but it was monday just gone oppssss luckily they are over seeing this !!!
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