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He's doing an extra show in Feb!

Marilyn Mastin

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Bless that guy's golden heart! I learned earlier, from Mikasounds, that Mika is doing an extra show on Feb 28th at Carling Academy Brixton! I have bagged myself 2 tickets to see him!!!!! The first time I'll have seen him live.


I'd like to ask any Londoners, or people who know London well, if they have any advice or recomendations, for somewhere reasonable for me and Alan to stay, and nearer to the time, I may need to know how to actually get to the venue.


If you have any advice, please let me know, and if you want tickets I suggest you hurry up, in case they sell out (which they will) I got mine from Mikasounds.


Vote for Grace Kelly http://www.roty.tv/


Love today, from Marilyn

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Finally, after the last try didn't work out.

Patience is a virtue!


I'm really going to try for one in the USA.

Need to decide--


Boston or



Would LOVE, LOVE to just follow MIKA


But that would confirm me a MIKA MANIAC &

break the bank!

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