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Here's part two, everyone! Enjoy!




Since a lot of us are Queen fans, I think it is only right that we start a Queeniac Club! We can talk all things Queen, whether it be be from past or present! We can also have Queeniac members who want to wear the name of Queen in their sigs! This can be the place to talk about the Kings of Rock!


If you would like to be added to this list, please message me and I will add you and pm you your number! Thanks!



So...anyone game? I'll start us off as Queeniac #1!


Our Queeniac's thus far:


mandilambi - Queeniac #1

my rainbow radio - Queeniac #2

tantastic - Queeniac #3

claire - Queeniac #4

beckar - Queeniac #5

AKateisaKate - Queeniac #6

FairyFeller - Queeniac #7

italianfan - Queeniac #8

Sara_Zamuone_Oz - Queeniac #9

Mary - Queeniac #10

Kata - Queeniac #11

Eir - Queeniac #12

Queenie87 - Queeniac #13

esperia75 - Queeniac #14

crina - Queeniac #15

Fmbm - Queeniac #16

jengafer - Queeniac #17

Blue Sky - Queeniac #18

cloud - Queeniac #19

lovetoday - Queeniac #20

white queen - Queeniac #21

lollypop - Queeniac #22

violetsky- Queeniac #23

bee - Queeniac #24

Ju.Thulc-girl - Queeniac #25

Martincy - Queeniac #26

Mika Owns Me - Queeniac #27

A Gagged Jade Goody - Queeniac #28

Queenie - Queeniac #29

MIKA&RBDluvr101 - Queeniac #30

beryl - Queeniac #31

ravlovesMIKA - Queeniac #32

vpedron - Queeniac #33

DaMango - Queeniac #34

*carrie* - Queeniac #35

Finkster - Queeniac #36

The Black Queen - Queeniac #37

vanessa - Queeniac #38

lollypop - Queeniac #39

TTel20 - Queeniac #40

heineken22 - #41

Slightly Mad - #42


gravichick343 - #44

lazy daisy - #45

Anzuzu - #46

suzie - #47

Romy - #48

Carrie - # 49

haru - #50

CartoonKellyGreen - #51

mercurygirl - #52

HollyD - #53

Carol Queen - #54

elanorelle - #55

englishrose - #56

AnnaMariaPetra - #57

Giulietta - #58

RosinaKiwi - #59

livingeyesclosed - #60

Mika4Life13 - #61

sweet-dreams - #62

Alex64 - #63.

bambi - #64

HelloKitty Lucy - #65

Shari - #66

Kavi - #67

Kalas - #68

cesarbhm - #69

Minda - #70

queenmikamop16 - #71

seaside rendezvous - #72

riverbasil - #73

LadyGodiva - #74

Cintia_Jenny - #75

Jujuzita - #76

lovepupbandit - #77

OhMyMika!! - #78

iadoremika - #79

Isa - #80

neeve272 - #81

Neiobi - #82

OBSESSED_ily.mika - #83

Ogre_Battle - #84

Dark Angel - #85

Sasha X - #86

England - #87

Austerulous - #88

theoriginalfreak - #89

RayaBadran - #90

mikahepburn - #91

rachie b - #92

StarryEyed<3 - #93

MelodicFreak - #94

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Here was my last post in the old Queeniac topic:


Kelly, yeah, not really. But he isn't into music too much and he isn't a concert-goer at all (*cries*). I've got some work ahead of me!


violetsky, that's good you got MandM. It's a pretty good book, although I found myself frustrated during some bits. Hopefully you'll like it.

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YAAYY new thread :punk:


Well I know what you mean... it's strange to see Freddie in another perspective.. I already read 60 pages and it's like...

what??.. Freddie was unfaithful :blink: or what??? Freddie kicked Jim out of Garden lodge because he didn't come home one night although Freddie did the same couple of times too... :boxed:


But there are also the very lovely moments !!! :wub2:

I love it how he always says "my man" or that he liked Jims presents so much although they were so cheap :wub2:


But yes I first have to get used to hear stuff about Freddie that destroy my perfect image of him a bit :wink2:

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Yeah, I went away being upset over the book, but it is good to be able to keep an open mind. I just felt that Jim could have been a little more discreet (who wants to read about their sex lives together??? not me....)


He's also very bitter towards Mary Austen and he tells some things about her that she did. It's sort of a he-said, she-said thing. You are not sure who to believe. I think he was mostly hurt that Mary got the bulk of Freddie's fortune. Ah well.


Anyway...hope you enjoy it. It certainly sheds a different light on Freddie's life. You'll be in tears by the end, no doubt.

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That was the last Queen cd I got too. It's great, isn't it? :D


My last one is flash gordon... don't have it yet :roftl: I have the other ones complete for years and I also have some solo albums... don't know why but I was never interessted in Flash Grodon :blink:


Woohoo I got Queen DVDs! :biggrin2:


Mee tooo :punk:

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You shoud get Flash! There's se great songs on there like The Hero!


Fmbm, which dvds??


Yes I like the hero :wub2: But I only know the live versions from "live at the bowl" and "rock Montreal"..


I think I will get flash... just to complete my collection but I'm not sure if I will really like it... I don't really like the song "flash" *hides in a corner*

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I hope this turns out to be true!!!


"Season's Greetings!

The QOL team would like to extended it’s warmest festive wishes to all Queen fans and the users of the site.


We look forward seeing you all safe and well in the New Year. Trust us…it looks like 2008 is going to be quite easily the biggest Queen year for quite some time!


Don’t Stop The Rock!



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There's a part on Was It All Worth It when they say "We love you madly!"


I always told myself they said "We love you, Mandi!" ;)


I remember someone seriously asking in a forum about who was the Mandy mentioned on that song... Hope that wasn't you!


BTW, I'm César, from Argentina, and hopefully will have the number 69 in the Queenies list!


Going to sleep now, will talk more next time. Bye bye!

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Now I also remember... some people here also thought that "Money Can't Buy Happiness" from Freddie's box said something like "Mandy"...


Don't think anyone mentioned anything about the song "Caesar Rendezvous"... :thumbdown:


Oh, really? I never read that discussion. LOL about Caesar's Rendezvous. They need to give credit where credit's due, right? ;)

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LOL oh, yeah, I am all for convincing myself that Queen love me. ;)


Hahaha, I know.

When I went to the US Queen + Paul Rodger tour near me, this time I was further back and it was probably impossible to see me through the lights from the stage, but I convinced myself that each person on stage saw me. xD Yea right..

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