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Grace Kelly- most sold single of 2007 in Norway

Savage Beauty

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We already know that Mika did well on the radio chart in Norway in 2007, and today the the annual album- single and download charts of Norway were released, and Mika has really made an impact in this country in 2007!!!


Life in Cartoon Motion is the 12th most sold album of 2007

Relax, take it easy is the 6th most sold and downloaded single



Grace Kelly IS THE MOST SOLD SINGLE IN NORWAY 2007!!! ththexcited3.gifththexcited3.gifththexcited3.gif


Grace Kelly it's also nr 1 on downloads alone, whereas Relax is nr 5 :naughty:

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Just to remind everyone that the Norwegian Top 100 singles of 2007 is on Norwegian radio now, and Mika is there with at least two songs, as previously mentioned in this thread :)


It's available for all to hear on NRK's website


Press the white arrow that's blinking to get to the web-radio. They're on nr 99 now so might take a good couple of hours to get to Mika though :naughty:

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