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Competition for NY show (UK only)


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The B4 and The Vault music channels are running a competition to see Mika in NY in February.

You have to be over 21, you win 2 tickets to the show, backstage passes, signed stuff and you get hotel accomodation, flights and limo transfers.

To enter you have to answer a simple question and call in.

Now as I'm not sure if I can for legal reasons say what the question is, and if you can't get the channels I mentioned, email me and I'll give more details.

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Sorry Babs, didn't see it, my boo boo.

I do normally see your posts, that's why I put up the last top 40 of the year thread after seeing your post saying about not knowing what was happening this week, as everyone was doing top 40s of the year. Did it for you Babs:-)

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