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Clare's Chill out Zone Part three


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Hi fans. We are now into Part three!!



The Chill out Zone is a place to unwind and relax after a long day at work or school. Talk about anything you like in here, share video footage, jokes and be as Mika obsessive as the mood takes you!!


Come on guys, fans of all ages!!


Join the Zone today


(Herbal teas served at the door):groupwave:


member 1 Celesteee

member 2 Morningdew

member 3 Mercurygirl

member 4 Sarah Lollipop

member 5 I've been Mikafied

member 6 cmc1112

member 7 Lollie141

member 8 ircazo

member 9 babuccia

member10 sasje

member 11 kittie88

member12 HollyD

member13 im_stuck_in_the_middle;

member 14 Billy Brown

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Top Posters In This Topic

This is crazy am I addicted/dedicated or what? In just over 24 hours I have posted over 220 posts!!! :shocked: I think maybe I should stop for tonight, I jus had to put that down as I am amazed and quite worried that I have posted that many!!!


Anyway, speak to everyone later.


Liz xxx

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