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Vh1 Now: The Critics Choice Awards!

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The most accurate indicator of who will take home the oscar, is on right now!

Three of my favorite films of the year are nominated:

Sweeny Todd


Kite Runner


Also, the woman in la vie en rose was nominated:mf_lustslow: for best actress...sorry, I can't look up her name at the moment! That movie was gold as well...but she deserves that award, though of course (i think she's nominated) I would love for keira knightley to take it home:thumb_yello:

Here are the list of nominees:



Who's watchin?

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lol " I will have vengence! I will have salvation!"


--p.s. I'm broke too girl but it's because I see movies a million times:naughty:


"I feeeeeeeeeel youuuuu Johannnnnaaaaa" hell yes :cool:



I go to the movie like every weekend, but my mom takes me so yeah haha. :naughty:

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