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Mika Gift Idea: Mika Around the World


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ok, well i had the idea last night and i thought it would cute to give to mika once we were finshed. i was thinking we could dress up little toy animals like i did with my lion ( http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=12139 ) as mika and his different characters, lollipop girl, billy brown and big girl, and mail them around the world to everyone in mfc.


heres what i was thinking.

1 i dress them up

2 take a pic of yourself with them and post it here.

3 print that pic and put it in the photo album.

4 put the animals inside a box to be sent out and with them

5 send a lollipop labeled with your name and location.

6 write mika a note, put it on a postcard from your area and include your real name, user name, age and general location (city and state)


then send it off and the next person does the same with the toys i dressed up. and it travels through our hands until it gets to mika.


wadda you think? i dont have any certain date in mind or for any special holiday, i just thought it would be cute. and i dont know if id be able to give it to him myself, though id love to. but these problems can be worked out later.

so if your interested, let me know and i'll start a list. also if you are interested would you please pm me your address or and address it can be sent to. i will be responsible for the addresses and only give them to the one person who needs it




mail list

1) purplegrape & sis & friend

2) Foalbaby14

3) ~Mikaboo~

4) Carly - Hasn't been on since Sept.

5) England

6) Shaza!

7) Shoni

8) luvin mika 4eva

9) Mika Rules

10) Ashtea

11) Cristy22

12) Polish-girl

13) Mika Freaka=)

14) Nico_Collard

15) Daydreambeliever

16) Findingmywords


the list was updated by distance. its not exact, b ut those in england are sending to england or close by. same with every other country. the list takes a circle around the world in attempt to makethe mailing as cheap as possible. if theres any problems with it please let me know.

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So, you have to dress up a toy animal and take a picture of it and then send it..? I'm a bit confused.. :wink2: But i Think i'd love to join this project :D


im gonna dress up the toys like i did with my lion, each will represent a mika character. i'll take a pic with them and send it to the next person, ect, ect. as the toys travel we'll moniter its process around the world. at the end it will be sent back to me or someone who can give it to him. he'll have a collection of world wide lollipops, a pic of all of us, 4 new toys and a small message on a postcard for each of us.


does that make more sense?


Isn't this what the travelling bear thread is about, or did I get that wrong?


i havent seen the traveling bear thread, so i dont know.sorry if it is.

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hey!! i agree with polish-girl!!

lol except ill let her do the physical work, lol :naughty:


sorry i havent been on for a long time, ive been really sick this weekend, ive just gotten over a 5-day ilness.


so make me feel even better and sign up!!! :biggrin2:

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Just read the thread....I am in...haha....once I get the idea of whats going on...I got thing being sent around....do we add a stuffed animal...or will there only be a few...? *rereads post*


ahhhh i get it! i'll pm the info now....man that hurt my brain for some reason!

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im sorry i havent been on for a long while, ive been really, really sick the past week or 2.

ive made the deadline the end of the month, if i cant et 20 people im gonna give up the idea. by if i give it up anyone is welcome to try themselves.


Deadline: Feb 28th

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